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  • jim w jim w Aug 2, 2009 17:55 Flag

    Dumb Press

    Writing for an even dumber audience.
    Just because United played Bayern they came up with a stupid story about Ribery last week. Now Valencia and Athletico are in town, the stupid transfer stories are around their players.
    Does anyone actually give any credance to this rubbish? Does it increase sales at all?
    Mind, I got a free copy of Bild today, and I must admit Germans are being fed the same 'standard' of literary fodder.

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    • It had me googling like mad Jim, deleterious effects of antimnemonic substances being prevalent at this side of the terminal.
      It's not quite a case of sticking webcams in everyone's house. If you're a grade 3 ASBO we'll stick you on big brother. Its just a ploy to boost channel 4's ratings.

    • i hadn't seen this, but I can well believe it.
      Our whole society, and I include most of the developed world, is based on feudal system of debt slavery, brought about by Governments introducing fractional deposit banking and allowing what amounts to pyramid selling of debt to its citizens to bring about the allusion of prosperity. When in fact it produces a debt-slavery for generations. The present 'credit crisis' is because governments allowed commercial banks to overdo the pyramid selling, and we will all have to pay the consequences for years to come. Have you thought what 3% GDP growth means? It means that in 23 years the country doubles its use of resources to produce an illusion of growth of living standards, when in fact , because of debt burdens both individually and nationally the average living standard of a citizen is the same. The 'value' goes into the pockets of those very few controlling the system.
      The masses are fed cable TV, more Footy, more Sex etc etc to keep them 'happy'. Its a combination of Brave New World and 1984. And its here right now!. Orwell called the future ' imagine a boot stamping down on a face, continually' , we don't have long to go....

    • I noticed Jim you use the term 'Orwellian', I dont suppose you have read today about the UK government planning to spend $700 million dollars installing surveillance cameras inside the private homes of citizens, to ensure that children go to bed on time, attend school and eat proper meals?

      No joke, the schemes called “Family Intervention Projects”, and this comes from a country that has more surveillance cameras than the whole of Europe put together. Doesn't that make you feel safe eh.

    • No I haven't, I'll look it up.
      Interspersed with the usual rubbish, this thread has contained some unusually intelligent comments. Perhaps there is hope after all.....

    • Jim, I totally agree with you! I bailed out of journalism primarily because it left a bad taste in my mouth. I wrote an article accusing a well-known musician of plagiarising the work of a little-known musician, and the magazine I worked for at the time refused to print the piece because they relied on advertising from the label the plagiarist was signed to.

      And you are right - EPL football has a "Bread and Circuses" aspect to it without a doubt. That is why I give my financial support to FC, who truly interact with the community rather than just being a corporate monster.

      Have you read Gordon Burn's book "Fullalove"? It is definitely worth reading if you haven't as it deals with the vile practices journalists stoop to in search of career advancement.

    • I don't want to argue for the sake of it either. Whether its the 'hack' or the 'hack's mate' who 'has a dream' is fairly irrelevant. I guess the major issue is how we are all, including the honest journo, manipulated by Orwellian 'truths'. And I'm not talking about mindless sporting issues, but major ones involving finance and politics. The drivel propounded by the BBC ( and most other TV media) and the majority of the press about the current state of the UK and world economy and the reasons for the credit crisis is designed to stop the populace even thinking about what is driving the economic forces that shape their existence. Footy of course is a prime element of the drug required to keep the foot soldiers content and compliant.

    • "It took you a long time to find that 'part' quotation didn't it?"

      I really don't know what you mean by this. If you mean the Eco quote, you are completely wrong. I have a good memory, in spite of the deleterious effects of antimnemonic substances over the years. I am not some moron who needs to resort to searching the internet for things that I can quote, but if you want to believe that, of course you are welcome to....but again, you are wrong!

    • Jim, I don't want to get into some ridiculous argument about this - all I am saying (and anybody who has worked in journalism will tell you this) is that all stories are sourced, whether that source is reliable or not is not the point. It comes from an 'ostensibly' credible source, otherwise your editor won't go near it. So, yeah, there is bullshit but it is not random fabrication.

    • It took you a long time to find that 'part' quotation didn't it?
      Perhaps you could tell us which 'insider' has given the Mail the story that Barca are bidding £12m for Evans? Its a story I'm sure must have elements of truth . Perhaps you will tell us its part of a swop deal for Toure? If you try hard enough you can believe any convoluted 'truth' you want.

    • Jim, how many times do I have to point out that all these stories come from an ostensibly credible source. In this case it is either agents or clubs themselves.The source of the Ribery to United story was long ago revealed to be Bayern, as Ribery's agent was in discussion with Barca last year, and Bayern wished to grossly inflate the transfer fee.

      The most ludicrous tabloid story last summer was that United were after Henry, but that story actually came from Alex Ferguson via his friend, Bob Cass at The Daily Mail. Cass knew it was bollocks as did Fergie, but the point of planting the story was to panic Spurs into selling Berbatov for £7-8M less than they wanted for the player. The only reason it didn't work was because of City's bid for the player, which served to inflate rather than deflate the eventual fee.

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