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  • sunny sunny Sep 28, 2009 11:53 Flag

    Nani...Lets get real!!!!

    I cant belive some of the stuff i am reading here,...

    how can anyone compare nani with ronaldo is beyond me, lets be honest, nani does not have the skill or ability of ronaldo, this is his 3rd season and he has shown that he is just not at a level that united require.

    This was shown when giggs came on against stoke and changed the game at the age of 35, every united player rushed to giggs including berbatov who scored to acknowledge the class gigss has over the likes of nani.

    If any of you watched the stoke game, nani time and time again did not deliver the right pass or cross or return ball and i saw anger and frustration from the likes of rooney and berbatov towards nani...nani is just not good enough and he has plenty of time to show it, he will never be the player we were hoping he would be and that is something we should accept rather than talk crap that he will develop or even more stupid that he will be good as ronaldo!!!!!

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    • Appreciate that div, and yes, Im watching it on TV, silly question really! :)

      When you stop pr@tting around under the guise of anonymity, then you MIGHT get some respect here. Only the truly gutless do that.

      Your choice mate.

    • Comiserations on your loss (I'm serious).

      But not even watching it on TV??

      And how am I a faker?

    • Haha, just what I thought, another gutless faker. Shame.

      As I've said before, I dont tend to go to Old Trafford much these days, however I do go to away games when possible, and actually missed my first one this year at Stoke, due to having to attend a funeral.

    • "Divvy"

      I like!

      My local team.

      Definatly a straight red card for not admitting the charge though.

    • Im not allowed to agree with you Butch, if I do its solely because Im your 'mate'...according to Clive.

      Im also not allowed to refrain from writing off Nani, apparently anyone who does, does so purely because they want people to like them!

      Hahaha, at least we know he's new here. ;)

    • Chris, saint clive's last post proved beyond all doubt that (a) he knows fuck all about football, and (b) is no supporter of United.

      Have you ever read such bollocks?

    • So who's your team Divvy, got the guts to say? :)

    • Not watching his OWN TEAM.

      At least a yellow.

    • I thought the most comical comments in this thread were in regards to Nani's pace compared to Ronaldo's.

      The boys lightening fast, even Sir Alex has stated that.

    • What are you going on about?

      Nani isn't left footed but, he has a good very good left foot. Most right footed players will come in on their right often but, Nani unlike a player like Babel, can not only cross well with his left, can take a very wicked shot with it. It's why defenders will close him down when he gets to the byline because he can put in the ball on the left.

      The other good thing is when a right footed player does cut in from the left, it opens up a shot a lot of times. Pushing Nani to the right isn't the answer for the long term but, pushing Nani to the right some games and playing a Giggs or Tosic on the left in some can also be work.

      The chip onto Rooney's head in the first game was with Nani's left. He uses his left quite a bit to get crosses in - problem is right now he is still developing into a player that knows when to whip it in versus when to pull it back and be more patient.

      It doesn't matter if he is playing right or left - he shows the same thing IMO on either side - sometimes makes good decisions, other times doesn't. The hope is as he plays more, learns more - he'll develop into a world class winger/player.

      He definitely has the skill for it - it's a matter of it being developed.

      We always here about managers not getting enough time to make things work, players have even less time. When you have a talent like Nani - you don't just give up that easily.

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