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  • Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Dec 20, 2009 16:25 Flag

    SAF to blame.

    Here's the thing as much as we hate to admit it...We have a huge defensive crisis. I am not using that as an excuse for us getting trashed like that but it's true. Hogson said before the United had a huge weakness at the back and he would exploit it. He did exactly that.

    Playing 3 at the back was not a good decision. If he wanted to do that he should have kept Evra as the back three instead it was Fletcher, Carrick and Da Laet at the back. It's like playing Gibbs Fabregas and Diably as a back three for Arsenal. It would never work. Even with 3 natural defenders at the back might leave you exposed on many occasions.

    Fergie's 3-5-2 was a horrible decision. Now we have a DEFENSIVE CRISIS. You can't blame Fergie for that. Sh*t happens. Last season we had a similar situation but we had defensive cover in Brown, Evans and O'Shea. We don't even have that at the moment. We can only hope that our defenders recover sooner or that Fergie takes a gamble on the reserves and plays some natural defenders. The thing is our next game is against Hull. I don't think he'd make much changes if we don't get Vidic back. He might see it as a easy 3 points. Fergie would be wrong to think that.

    Calling for him to get the sack for a defensive crisis is plain stupid. Either you guys suck it up and get behind Fergie or support another club cause he's gonna be sticking around for as long as he thinks he should.

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