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  • Fergies..Babes Fergies..Babes Dec 28, 2009 20:28 Flag

    Half season review

    So half way into the season and after our horrendous defensive injuries and some very mediocre displays we are just 2 points off top and 1 point worse of than this time last season. Plus we were actually further behind as Liverpool were actually winning back then.(How times change)

    Things could and should be so much worse if our rivals had taken the opportunity to capitalise on our poor form but they didnt. People often forget when you win titles year in year out, everybody wants a piece of you and will raise there game against you!! (Just ask Wenger who has never successsfully retained a prem)

    Comfortably into last 16 of champs league and semi final of Carling cup. Its inevitable that United should crank up a few gears as the business end of the season starts.

    Not bad considering we lost Ronaldo and Tevez! Im just wondering if SAF has a shrewd bit of business up his sleeve to although he has suggested that we will not be buying in january.. although a loan deal could be on the cards. themselves as most experts make them firm favourites which is only good for us as the underdogs.
    As for Arsenal who infairness have done very well to be in the hunt especially since losing RVP. But they dont have the knack of playing poor and still winning like us. The game at OT being a great example as we played awful that day yet still collected the points.

    But it remains to be seen if they can maintain this momentum as like us they have lost some silly games thus far.
    Im just not convinced they are as strong as the team that pushed us in 2007 before they self destructed at St andrews or even have the bottle to win a major trophy after there 6 year barren spell.

    Explosive start of the seaon? No!
    But would SAF have taken this position at start of season?

    Without a fu**ing doubt!

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    • Excellent place to watch the footie. Hull stood up well though. Yep I am jealous and hate Utd. Come on its only natural.

    • Nani was made for United, and if he'd been played in position, and given the games, he would have proved himself.

    • Peter K, I was watching in Australia, just round the corner from London!

    • In fairness to Nani he has potential but not at a club with the expectations of United. He just doesnt tick thalf he boxes IMO.

    • You still have to be slight favourites as reigning champs and Fergie is the man.

      But there is a list of niggles for you.

      1. Reduced spending power.
      2. Imbalance i.e. aging squad, not as bad as Chelsea but close. 14 players 29yrs or above in 2010; VDS, O'Shea, Evra, Brown, Vidic, Ferdinand, Neville, Giggs, Carrick, Scholes, Park, Hargreaves, Berba and Owen. These old ones have greater chance of injury and longer recovery times.
      3. Upfront Rooney brilliant, but little scoring back up.
      4. Ronaldo had a strong second have to last season, you ain't got him any more ditto Tevez who has surprised most pundits this year.
      5. Arsenal are looking to spend in the transfer window, unlike Chelsea and Utd. Young improving team.
      6. Two Carling Cup derby matches in January against City with no doubt a full strength team.

      You may still come through, but you are definately not as strong as you used to be.

    • You need to be careful not to wake the twits, I said much the same as you have said and Linda then started his usual rubbish.

      Yes Fergie would have taken 2nd place at this stage if offered in August, but would he have taken the poor performances? I certainly hope not.
      Last season we may have been a lttle further behind we all knew that Ronaldo would at some point hit form, even at 60% he was a class above most.
      Who do you think will make all the difference in the second half of the season?

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      • Too be honest Clive i wouldnt read too much into the performances so far. Liverpool are the prime example and they are no where near producing the form of last year. Chelsea aswell.

        It may seem im trying to deflect our weaknesses on others but that is a useful to measure where we are as it is being widely recognised this premiership is a different animal now.

        Losing ronaldo was never part of the masterplan and the tevez saga wasnt ideal but we have coped. Not many teams can deal with losing the world player of the year. But 1 point difference from 2008 says we are still doing an okay job so far.
        Lets hope the belief and character of this team can help us achieve more great things. I honestly believe if we stay injury free then number 19 will be here in May.

        As for the twits Clive, they have and will always be here. Unfortunately for them the jealousy of our Magnificent, illustrious and successful club is too much for them and means they hang around like a bad smell