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  • Ralf S Ralf S Dec 8, 2011 10:41 Flag

    Keane is right


    We are about 3 players and an injection of confidece away from having a great team.

    1 - a central defender (and we can develop Smalling/Jones into this role, both are covering other areas due injuries)

    2 - a strong ball winning central midfield player, of the highest class

    3 - a creative midfield player of the highest class, this may be Tom Cleverley, but also feel we need cover for injury

    The 1-6 to City and injuries have knocked the stuffing out of the team's confidence and we are having a hard time at present.

    Don't forget the awful start to last season, with loads of draws - we only won the EPL because Chelsea blew up after firing Wilkins, this year we did much better.

    Ashely Young has not become a bad player overnight, look at his early season performances, he lacks confidence and form, Rooney is a little quiet, but will bounce back and Phil Jones is developing very nicely.

    We were lucky to win the EPL last year and Barca cruely exposed our weaknesses in the CL final.

    But I'd rather be where we are this season, as painful as it is.

    City look awesome at the moment, but so did Chelsea under Mourinho.

    We can and will bounce back, keep the faith.

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    • You mean in the same way he was right about the team that went out at the same stage 6 years ago - you know the one that contained players he didn`t rate like Ronaldo and which later went on to win a few minor baubles like the title and the CL. I also noticed that like 6 years ago Keane blamed the younger players and said nice things about his old mates - yet it was the older players who were sloppy in possession and the ones who failed to show the leadership the team needed. The perfect example being when de Gea made a mess of a throw out - it wasn`t Vidic, Ferdinand or Evra who let him know that wasn`t acceptable but Jones. And as for saying that Giggs was utd`s best player he wasn`t - yes he made some great passes but he was also one of the worse players when it came to keeping possession, especially in the second half. The best player for utd was Nani, who kept getting behind the basel defence and put in some great crosses. As I said in a thread last week its the older players who have let utd down this season, yes some of the youngsters have made mistakes - which is going to happen with players learning the game - but they have been the ones who have tried to play at a high tempo and have tried to make things happen. Utd have been struggling because for whatever reasons most of the older players have lost form at the same time.

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      • It's obviously the prime time to have a go at Fergie now the way it's panned out. But surely the board are asking for all they get in results on the field. For me they've taken a purely commercial route in the running of the club--Sung Park being a prime example. He's bringing in millions but wouldn't get a game in any other leading European team. The fans know what's required to compete at top level, Fergie's proved what's required time and again, but maybe he's treading water now because of his age.
        No disrespect meant here, great club, wonderful history---but present approach bewildering.

    • Well, i can only have faith when Fergie, the Glazers and Gill are gone.

      These oafs are the reason why we are regressing. They've failed to reinforce the sqaud, especially the midfield, and now we've started to become vulnerable in other departments as well!!!! They've destroyed United and turned the club into a laughing stock!!!! They deserve to be kicked to the curb, killed and left to burn in hell like the festering peices of meat they are!!!!!!!

      GET LOST, DIE AND BURN IN HELL FERGUSON, THE GLAZERS AND GILL GET LOST, DIE AND BURN IN HELLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!