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  • had a good game for the reserves and it would be nice to see him given a chance in the 1st team

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    • I agree, very good player

    • I can't find the link as I used Kick-News on my iPhone, but there's an article somewhere online about how well Tunicliffe is doing at Peterborough recently, and how he will knocking on the door of the first team next season if he keeps up his recent form for the rest of this season.
      There's also a good section on the official website called "Loan Watch" or something where they look at how the players who are loaned out have got on that week.

      I didn't really know much about him until reading the article, is a younger Darren Fletcher (box to box, full of energy etc)
      Maybe Fergie has realised this and is willing to let a few of the others leave / go out on loan next season?

      I personally think Morrison is a t**t but his footballing abilities can't be denied. Pogba has looked reasonably OK when played this season but needs whole games and big games to test him and not 20-30 minutes here and there in Carling / FA Cup games.
      I've not really seen anything of Petrucci. However I think if Fergie / Utd can sort out annoying agents, then next season may see a couple more of the younger generation pushing into the first team.
      I know everyone wants us to sign a world-class midfielder, maybe Fergie has known that this summer / next season a few of the youngsters WILL be breaking through and that's the route he wants? Who knows, except him....

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      • Firstly I think Pogba will make his league debut as a sub today. I'm still confident this lad will sign a new contract. Everytime he speaks, he talks of his desire to break into the first team and be a legend here, and to even emulate Cantona. I really don't think he wants to go anywhere and I think he will sign a new contract before the summer. Thats my gut feeling on that one anyway!

        Assuming he did commit his long term future to the club, I expect he'll go on loan next season.

        Morrison is very much up in the air. He has the footballing ability as you say, but he has more than his fair share of negative qualities too!
        I'm still hoping he'll stay like everyone is, but I can fully understand the club losing patience with him. I'm really not sure which way I think that one will go.

        Tunnicliffe has been doing progressively well for the Posh. Its good to see him starting games for them now. I'm not sure he'll be ready for the first team next season necessarily though. A prem loan next season could be ideal for him.

    • Agree devon. He's a forgotten man at times with the other more talked about midfielders. He's back on track and playing well after the injury set backs he's had.