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    Sponsorship Woes: Adidas Walk Out on Liverpool

    This does not bode well for Liverpool. Looks like the disastrous results, the near-permanent hiatus from the Champions League, you eclipsing Liverpool as the most successful club in England, and the recent racism scandal is ruining this once great club. Adidas has now walked away from Liverpool. At this rate, they'll be walking alone soon. Full article below:

    Adidas have supplied Liverpool's kit since 2006, but their chief executive Herbert Hainer said that the club had now overvalued their sponsorship worth given their poor results on the pitch.

    "The gap between their performance on the field and what the number should be is not in balance," Hainer said.

    "Then we said: 'OK we will not do it'. That's the end of the story. It all depends on the success and the effort and the popularity, the exposure on TV, revenue you can generate by merchandising.

    "This all has to be brought in line between what you offer and what you get. We thought that what Liverpool were asking and what they were delivering was not in the right balance."

    Liverpool instead went and signed a six-year agreement thought to be worth £150 million with little-known US company Warrior Sports.

    The deal is Warrior's first foray into football and strengthens Liverpool's transatlantic ties after John W. Henry's Fenway Sports Group bought the club in 2010.

    "This is another landmark deal for Liverpool Football Club and once again shows the value of the club's brand globally," said Ian Ayre, the club's managing director.

    Warrior will supply home, away and third kits as well as training wear. Liverpool are famous for their red shirts.

    Warrior were founded in 1992 by former champion lacrosse player David Morrow and have focused on supplying ice hockey and lacrosse footwear and kit. The company is owned by Boston-based New Balance, best known for its sports shoes.

    "We are here to shake up the world of football and our partnership with one of the most successful club teams of all time is just the start," said Richard Wright, general manager for Warrior Sports.

    Liverpool have won the league title 18 times and the European Cup five times and have a large global fan base.

    However, they have not won the English league for more than two decades and have recently been eclipsed by north-west rivals Manchester United, who also have American owners in the shape of the Glazer family.


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    • Quite clear they us the Warrior deal lined up before negotiating with Adidas. Liverpool only 'overvalued' themselves because they had a bigger offer in their back pocket, why not try and see if Adidas will beat it. They wouldn't. So they've settled with the warrior one, which I doubt will cause many on the Liverpool board to loose sleep looking at the numbers

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      • I was wondering if anyone would try to post a negative post based upon this news, especially based upon the spin Adidas put on their own announcement, so put this on the LFC board.

        But I actually think its Adidas that should be a little concerned here, because unless they have some deals with other clubs already lined up, it looks like the only club with a chance of being in the top 4 who will be wearing Adidas made kit will be Chelsea. If, and this is not an unrealistic hypothetical, Chelsea do not make the top 4 this term, that means no English team playing in the CL next season will wear Adidas kit. Surely they should be looking at their own marketing team rather than making excuses on why existing deals are not being extended.

        But, rather than focus on the negatives for Adidas I'd rather focus on the positives for LFC. It’s a new deal with 150M in the bank. I don't know how big that is relative to other deals at other clubs, but it’s a big chuck of change. But that is just the tip of the iceberg as a new kit a new manufacturer, and a manufacturer with access and experience in markets that have not yet been fully tapped by the traditional football kit makers, means a huge opportunity for additional merchandise revenue.

        We all want success on the pitch, but we also understand that a strong club from a financial standpoint is required to create and sustain that on the pitch success. So this news imo is very, very good news indeed for LFC.