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  • Inter city Inter city Mar 8, 2012 08:20 Flag

    POGBA: Greedy, Ill Advised, or Deserved Better?

    This whole story originates from tuttosport. I think Juve have made an offer, and Pogba is waiting on United to beat it. This could still happen.
    One thing about Pogba, he's prone to wandering out of position, not ideal for a central midfielder.
    Lingard and Petrucci have performed better this season, but I think Larnell Cole is the one to watch.
    Pogba is mad if he thinks hes going to get more opportunities at Juve. If anything hell get less.

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    • As I suggested, this wasn't a done deal. United have only ever lost one player that they didn't want to, and that was the greatest player the premiership has ever known, Ronaldo.
      The idea that Fergie would allow some unproven kid would up and leave to join a smaller club is frankly amusing.