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  • Inter city Inter city Oct 28, 2012 18:03 Flag

    Poor Chelsea

    Completely bossed for 30 minutes, came back into it thanks to a stupid Rooney foul, and had just enough energy left for about 7 minutes of the 2nd.
    Of course they'll say Young dived, and Torres didn't, and of course Chelsea have never scored an offside goal against anyone!
    The better team won, kept their heads in a potential 6 pointer.
    Chelsea will probably finish 3rd, the title is in our hands this season.

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    • Its almost like a reflex now for ABU's, United win and they 'must have cheated'. Pathetic really but if it winds them up that much I suppose thats something to enjoy!

      My take on the game, well impressed with the first half. Like you I was p*ssed off at Rooney conceding that freekick where and when he did. No need given the fact they'd barely troubled us, despite all the possession.

      Our defending as a team whilst killing them on the counter was reminiscent of the way we usually dominate Francenal. Di Matteo was completely clueless, they were fortunate we handed them the lifeline we did. Credit to Chelski for throwing the kitchen sink at us and getting the equaliser, but they had nothing left after that. You could see a 3rd goal coming for us, and you'd back Young to have got it. A clear red, and by this point they were lucky not to have lost Torres, so they can have no complaints about either card.

      Hernandez's goal was offside, blame the linesman because thats who the ref consulted! I've been saying for years that video technology is a no brainer, but there you go. Still, nothing I enjoy more than an offside goal against Chelski!

      Watch them self implode now, whereas we are only going to get better. Fergie will topple Citeh before he retires, I guarantee it.

    • innershittyjibberish....what a right pratt you are. Should try to think before you speak.....you'd perhaps look less of a fool if thats possible.

    • I didnt even mention the foul on Evans by Cahill and the handball by the dreadful Luiz at the beginning of the 2nd half.
      Chelsea should count themselves lucky they finished with 9 men!