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  • When they behaved as they did when beaten by Barca at the Bridge, my sympathies went to the English club.
    Now I feel that this may have been misguided.
    Obviously when they lose an important match at the Bridge, everyone, the opponents, the referee , everyone has done something 'wrong'.
    The game will be completely unplayable if referees are frightened for the future if they give decisions against this club.
    I have no idea what the ref said or did not say on Sunday, but would be astonished if it was any different to what is said on any give match day, why should it?
    But just as one ref was hounded out of the game by Chelsea fans,the same seems to be potentially repeating itself after Sunday's match.
    A club used to buying what it wants, believes itself to be able to buy anything. If it succeeds in its latest exploit, it is the end of competitive football. Only one thing counts, the size of the wallet. But there again that is clearly the belief of its Russian mafia boss!

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    • Only a racist would post what you did layla, case proven. Anyway, do you think Clattenburg , knowing he is miked up , would utter racist comments ? United have nothing to do with this incident, so just a yes or know will do

    • Considering the (predictable) way Chelski behaved, throwing their toys out of the pram again, I'd be surprised if these allegations are true, but we'll have to wait and see.

      If they are proved to be false they should throw the book at the club, enough is enough.

      Other than not sending off Torres early on, Clattenburg didn't make a mistake. He was excellent, despite Chelskis attempts to make things as difficult as possible.

      Same old sh*t, anyone but United. Tw@ts.

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      • "throwing their toys out of the pram again"

        Oh, you have to laugh at the hypocrisy. Wind back four years to 2008. Chelsea 2 united 1. No wrong red cards, no offside goals. United simply lost. After the match:

        - Alex Ferguson and Carlos Quieroz abuse the referee in terms way stronger and more offensive than anything publicly said by Chelsea players or manager yesterday.
        - Rio Ferdinand kicks a Chelsea steward
        - Hargreaves kicks and damages a door
        - Patrice Evra found guilty of violent affray and banned for four matches
        - Senior members of United management (Phelan and another coach) found to be not credible witnesses
        - Gary Neville (who didn't even play) severely criticised for acting like a little shit in stirring things up

        I've probably forgotten the rest. It's all in the FA report of the Evra incident.

        United are so far out on top of the throwing their toys out of the pram league they deserve their own special trophy.


    • ian, u obviously are trying to stop victims of racist abuse speaking out. dismissing them before the investigation is finished is very damaging.

      some of the utd racists are coming out the woodwork now on this board.

      all this after accusing me of being racist!

    • So, do you think Clattenburg was being racist layla ?

    • True Deeprick, but I ask this question. Has Ramires's English improved that much that he could understand every word ? How did Mikel, who was just behind Terry , in the Ferdinand incident, not hear what Terry said, but hears everything Clattenburg said ? I think this is going to go to court , as Clattenburg has denied using any form of racism

    • has jim brainwashed himself from all his own clubs bad behaviour!

      what a silly & stupid rant from every-barca-player-is-on-drugs.

      russian mafia bit just makes it look even more silly.

    • If he's guilty, a 4 match ban seems to be the going rate these days!

      If he's not guilty, then i expect to see those accusers face the music. Call me cynical but I doubt anything would have been said had Chelsea snatched the winner!

      It should be cut and dried as what the ref says is mic'd up to other officials?

    • Yes. The very first thing you expect from a referee is impartiality. It's one thing making mistakes - we should all be able to accept that - but if there is a lingering thought that particular refs, or refs in general, treat players or teams differently because of personal prejudice then the whole sport falls apart.

      A ref making a racist comment shouldn't be thought of any less or more than a player making the same comment. But he is less fit to do his job.


    • If found guilty, she he be banned.....................Or would a 4 game ban suffuce!!!...............If it's good enough for Terry then it should be fine with CFC!

      IMO..............If he's guilty he should be sacked, as Terry should have been.

      If he's found to have no case to answer.........Those making accusations should be hauled before a court for deframation of charachter.............but that will never happen....probably an honest mistake due to the language barrier. A mistake that could of ended the career of a man who earns far less than they do!

      Lets look at it in the cold light of day.

      Chelsea were hard done by and as usual it seems like Man U getting all the decisions.

      I'm as anti Man U as anyone but on this occasion the goal was only easy to spot as offside in slo-mo. Torres was caught but went down when the contact would not have tripped up a one legged man, so he has himself to blame for putting the ref in a position were he has to decide if the contact was there, or enough to send him over!

      Chelsea players belly-ached to the ref when they should have just shut up and got on twith the game...............That is normally one of the reasons i dislike Man U!!!

    • Hi Jeeroo

      That's a really good point and one I hadn't considered.


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