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  • Not for beating arsenal, that was to be expected.
    But for his handling of Rooney.
    Its difficult enough for the man to replace fergie, especially with a new out of his depth chief exec finding his own feet, but to have the rooney situation presented to him first day on the job he really has had his hands full.
    Not only has he got Rooney to stay, he looks fit, happy and is the best rooney can be, which is bad news for everyone else. He is starting to form an understanding with van persie who is also clicking into gear, once those two gel completely its game over for the rest. No other club can boast just one striker as good as those two, and we have Hernandez on the bench with englands main man danny.
    Once Moyes adresses the midfield, which unlike fergie he has deemed a priority and is actually targeting quality players, I think we could be the force we have hoped for the past few years.

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