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  • Old Mother Oink! Old Mother Oink! Dec 18, 2013 00:52 Flag

    Poor old 'Jack'!

    Poor old 'Jack', nothing to say, so he says it!

    Can't debate, can't answer questions, so he attacks Sweet for having the audacity not to be online when he wants her to be, he's the ultimate sock-puppet!

    Claims he wants to debate, yet hasn't said a single thing worth debating, except to idolise his IRA mates, strange he didn't want to debate 'Eddy' for calling his mate Gerry Adams an #$%$br />

    Now he blames someone for something that happened whilst he had been in prison for twenty years, you can't lose an argument any more conclusively than that!

    Don't go on 'holiday' just yet, 'Jack', who would we take the plss out of?


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