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    Wise Son on Slavery


    Wise Son appears to be under the impression it was the 'white British' who enslaved Africa!!!


    Let's all laugh at Wise Son who seems oblivious of Africa's history prior to the mid-1800s!

    That's the trouble with your lot, thick as two short planks, ignorant of your own history and always blaming 'whitey' for everything, no wonder you love Rio Ferdinand so much, he's as fcuking thick as you are!


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    • The self proclaimed One is certainly either extremely ignorant, or extremely biased and picky when it comes to the subject of slavery.

      F*ck me, i bet the whole damn world has been enslaved and have enslaved over the course of history.

      Does the self proclaimed one believe the English should be whining on about their enslavement in 1066? Should the English take the Norman ancestors to court and demand compensation??? Does the self proclaimed one not realise that the first 'slaves' sent to the Caribbean were WHITE!?!?!

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      • It's ok Fabs, the 'not so wise one' has never once struck me as being all that particularly clever, especially after he'd claimed to have worked on some of the biggest building projects in Europe, but then backtracked his claim and let slip that he'd only worked on sites in Britain.

        But what else would you expect from a stupid Man U gloryboy and message board gobshyte?

        It's just tickled me that he seems to be completely oblivious to all forms of slavery all around the world pre-late 1800s, and that's very convenient for those who love to villainize 'whitey' like him.

        Like I said in an earlier post, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he views the likes of 'fellow brothers' Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale as heroes for murdering a white British soldier in such a gutless and cowardly way!

        OINK OINK!