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  • You've scraped the barrel on many occasions over the years, however bendover your latest bile just stinks. Because I once went out with a 20 year old, in YOUR warped twisted bitter mind, you accuse me of being a child molester. Just what goes on inside that perverted dark mind of yours? Perhaps like that overrated Rooney, you too have a liking for 70 year old knicker pishers, as there is NO chance YOU could ever pull a dolly bird. Just what is your obsession about me? You are CONTINUALLY making references to posts made years ago. Being the trolling nerd you are, you keep records of me and other posters history. What's that all about? You're fighting a losing battle here, most people see through you for what you are.... A NOBODY. Every 2/3 posts you ask, " Did I hit a nerve?" Judging by the replies... NO! Still if that's what gives you a hard on, keep asking.

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    • " there is NO chance YOU could ever pull a dolly bird."

      You mean 'schoolgirl', I take it?

      Another brag from you, Dumber, you just can't help yourself, you're a sad lonely old man, dragged into an online world you have no inking of, trying to impress people with your lies and bullshyte.

      You were so naive on Crime and Misc that many people took you for a ride, or ridiculed you, I was just one of them, you were fodder to us, a braggart with no redeeming features.

      You attacked what you called 'newbies' every time a new poster turned up, because you saw yourself as part of a gang, whose kudos went up the longer they posted. You looked down on new posters as inferior to you, who needed to acknowledge you before they could be accepted, and were then expected to follow your rules. All the while, we were laughing at you behind your back, the emails were running hot.

      We got sick of hearing about your gig with Pink Floyd, or about the young girls you claimed to have had relationships with when you were a middle-aged man, as if picking up vulnerable young girls was somehow clever.

      And I ask you again, please take down the photo of The Doc from your avatar, he looks old, sick and near death.

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      • Bendover Rik, can you get any more boring or repetitive? Again you have brought up PF and though I had ONE relationship with an ADULT half my age (Jealous prat) you are insinuating in your post I regularly pick up young girls. This jealousy and obsession with my Band playing and young girls is unhealthy. You go on and on and on, you should really see someone about your perversion. You don't know me and what kind of person I am. You try to project me as something I'm NOT. Seriously, you need help. Now I've started 3/4 threads on here about football, you have chosen to ignore them and instead attack me. I appreciate you have a limited vocabulary, and I have to descend the gene pull to communicate with you, so I'll keep it simple for you. Man Useless are pish, don't you agree?

    • Drummer...

      ...the years....?....you left Crime for Misc long before the boards disappeared....

      ...you only came back when it got too hot for you...and Crime was nearly dead by then...but it didn't stop you continuously attacking Trotski...who was and is thrice your intellectual equal...

      ...as for Lee being a "good lad"...he is considerably more than a lad...he's very, very clever and I know him a lot better than you ever will...but it didn't stop you attacking him....as you did all "new" posters on Crime...until I set you straight....

      ...I'm sorry Drummer...but you never had a clue about "trolls" and the like on Crime...you hung on coat tails...me, Adrian, Janet, Druid, Nicky and eventually Lee...and just who have you got left except Kipper...?

      ...and you posted all those personal photo's as avatars....including your own Grandson...?....you were drawn in by convincing trolls like Chrissy...and didn't recognising the real trolls like "Gorgeous"...you mailed them all...*shakes head*...and you with all these "girl friends" too...?

      ... I lost count of the times you mentioned all your "younger girlfriends" on Crime..why...?...what's wrong with women of your own age...?

      ...and you didn't say you "once went out with" a 20 year old...you said it was a relationship...and you were 45...over half your age...why...?

      ...you set yourself up for ridicule Drummer...where your mate Kipper "made it up" about me....which you never once challenged....you posted personal information on the most public of forums... time after time....which is the information Rikk is referring to....

      ....but you let every piece of abuse Kipper posted about me go unchallenged....don't dare say that you ever did....and the things you've posted to and about me are a disgrace....you're a chauvinist misogynist...just like him....blowing your own horn...or should I say banging your own drum...

      Goodbye Drummer....good luck in the troll fraternity....

      ...and Trotski says "giggety"...; )

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      • Absolute #$%$ woman, I NEVER attacked Lee I've already said He was a decent guy. You just can't help yourself can you. AT ALL COSTS YOU MUST DEFEND Rik. You go through MY history of posts while ignoring the bile this clown posts. Double standards old girl. Goodbye Sweet, do me a favour and DON'T bother answering posts that are not directed at you. I hung on peoples coat tails? You on medication or what? BTW I'm in contact with Gorgeous, and Trotski is a #$%$. I posted NO personal information that is the TRUTH!!!! Thanks for your email this morning, I now know more information such as Riks REAL name. Who gives a #$%$?? Not me . If you ever had the balls to defend me on these boards, then I'll defend you. As I said, double standards. Just go away woman and give us all peace.

    • Just laugh at the old fruit Altree there, DRUMMER.

      It's common knowledge that 'it' allegedly has this marvellous globe-trekking lifestyle spotting wild Orungutans and chinning Lee Bowyer whilst owning various backpacker beach bars, yet 'it' has still managed to spend the best part of a decade on various Yahoo message boards/forums posting shyte 24/7 at all hours, usually ranting on about geordies and how thick they are in the process!


      OINK OINK!