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    Couldn't believe it when I saw Moyes weakened his already average midfield by playing 2 up front. If I'd known that I'd had more than £20 on chelsea at 3/1 ht/ft. What was Moyes thinking? It just shows how much they rely on Shrek and Fiona, a.k.a. Loony and Van #$%$, The theatre of dreams is turning into a nightmare on Elm St. Full marks to Fergie though, he KNEW the rot was setting in, and got out at the right time

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    • Hello, Hello, we are the Billy Boys...blast from the past...I remember my Dad and my Uncles singing that...

      ...is there a line that says "we're up to our knees in "Fenian" blood....?...and the rest...?

      ..,so .....you're at pains to say you're not "Catholic" .....and not "bigoted Drummer....? ...you love everyone and there's not an intolerant or biased bone in your little old disco dancing, "billy boy" body..?

      ...but you adapt a football chant...Glasgow sectarianism is alive and well...not everybody knows that...so you bring it to the Man U board...bigot...

      ...when I said your God will be proud of you Drummer...I was being sincere...you tick all the boxes.....He loves you for your compliance with his values...and you will go to heaven ...given time...:(

      ...but Jesus might have thought you were a lamb that needed to be saved..? ....or maybe just...fricasseed...with garlic...

      ...and Karma is gonna get ya....instant or otherwise....

      ...you sacrilegious, sanctimonious fraud....

      ...hope you had a Merry Christmas....:)

    • He played ONE up front, Welbeck, Januzaj played across the midfield.

      Stick to groping young girls, football is a MAN'S game.

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      • And Billy the bully is back under ANOTHER guise. You REALLY need to seek help with your obsession for young girls. YOU keep bringing the subject up. I suspect you're a closet paedo. Welbeck played? up front, Januzaj played? midfield. The operative word is played!!! Nobody played. Man Useless didn't turn up!! Thanks for that, made it one of the easiest paydays ever. Try and respond in a NORMAL way to posts, unlike Man Useless, all you do is attack,attack,attack, Oh happy days.

    • When Man Ushyted lose, football wins!

      OINK OINK!