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  • Villaman Villaman Mar 5, 2009 05:45 Flag

    How to sell the Europa League to the fans?

    The Next Villa board meeting should be interesting, working up a plan to sell the New UEFA cup to the fans if (as is looking more and more likely), we don't qualify for the Champions League.

    Can you Imagine it? Come and watch the Europa League, we'll take it more serious than the old cup, PROMISE!!

    What a F**k up!

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    • Why Aston Villa is fighting,the season for them is over !! Anybody knows that UEFA CUP is "very weak" competition for Marton O'neil,so give that 5 place to somebody else,somebody who wants to play football ,like BIG teams (everton,wigan.....)

    • I feel a group hug coming on!!!!!

    • Qutie literally--lol

    • Youre heartfelt concern is duly noted andy...!

      but I HATE Snow Patrol,

    • Its just like Northern Ireland, whats that I hear in the background?? Its the strains of Snow Patrols uplifiting crecendo (sp), I step away with a tear in my eye!!

    • Truse ? ....

      I know I shouldn't...... but I do enjoy a wind up on here.

      Gets silly sometimes, but tiz good escapism from the shyte I get at work.

      Yea man. the beers are on me..

      (My spell check is fcuked so excuse the grammer)



    • Fancy a truse then? and we'll agree to disagree on the whole Barry thing?

    • You are such a tosser, villaman.

      You have a team currently occupying 4th spot in the hardest league in the world, your team have beaten European teams that are household names, have a Chairman and manager and ground most supporters would die for.......yet you still arent satisfied.

      Your contribution,?

      Grumble about Gareth Barry non stop, despite his resolving to stay at VP. You, for your obscure own reason's, want him to f*ck off, and (as you persistantly tell everyone) You state you boo him at every home game. I say you are a bullshyter...you are an armchair supporter, as proven when you were posting on here 20minutes before the kickoff before the Stoke HOME game.

      You state that Petrov is your next target.

      You call all the other Villa posters on this board 'Pricks'.

      Judging by the posts of the other Villa posters on here, vileman, seems to me you are the prick.

      But there you go. Some are never satisfied.

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      • My my, TiptonToad you are an angry little man arn't you! Why does my opinion anger you so much.

        Yes I don't like Gareth Barry because he does not want to play for the club and will only 'resolves' to stay at the club if we qualify for the Champions League. So yes I Don't like this attitude, sue me.

        I have backed Petrov when the majority on this board were slagging him to the ground, because I think he is a good player. The press have quoted him as saying he will only stay 'If the club matches his ambitions' which I also guess means the CL. IF (and I mean if), he has said that then Yes he can F**k off too. If not then I hope he stays.

        I am angry about the whole UEFA cup debacle, and what this has to do with you I dont know, but I am exercising my right to express my opinion. I honestly think we have over achieved this year, I think a good run at the UEFA cup would have been more beneficial to the long term development of the club as we are not yet equiped for a stab at the champions league unless we plan to sign 7 or 8 internationls in the summer?

        BUT I REPEAT THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION. I have called only a couple of people pricks because they are, as they feel the need to spout bol^^cks about me (as you have done). If you expect me not to retaliate you are mistaken.

        And Finally, I was at the Stoke Game (actually with some Stoke fans from work which made it worse), but I would like to point out that you can access the Internet from a mobile phone (as I am doing now on a coffee break at work), Clearly such technology has not reached Small Heath Just yet!

        So run along son, you're boring me.

    • Your team were playing over there heads this season, you've had a very good season however you weren't seriously going to knock Arsenal out of the top 4. You've been very lucky, however now with your confidence dropping and key players becoming very jaded. You should ignore Arsenal and expect that 5th place finish, which is like winning the Premiership for a small team such as yourselves.

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      • I am so glad you came on Mark coz I was down and dejected, but do you know what, why don't you knob off you wazzack, your team has been so poor this season and I mean all season, we have had a bad few games. In the words of Kevin Keegan " I would love it if you we finish above you"
        Go on your own board and gloat about how great it is to support an underachieving team and stay off ours you Cockney (probably not) eejit