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  • DEREK W DEREK W Apr 13, 2010 17:16 Flag

    i am a spurs supporter

    mouse ,you and i are on the same wavelength....two useless,or bent ,referees,i use the word loosely,cheated us
    asa i said it is bad enough losing ,but being screwed is terrible
    ...that penalty for villa could have altered the game entirely
    ...as for terry ....he is a thug....commiserations mate

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    • After the treatment the Ref in the FA Cup semi and the League Cup final gave Villa.........................I would like their bank accounts checked for and payements by nasty little Scotsmen, or the Russian Mafia!!!!

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      • MoN has to be careful what he says and does now. Every Villa fan and many fans from other clubs agree with him, but the story that he has now gone to the chief referee and complained is not helping him, the club, or us fans.

        We all know we were cheated. We can't even say we were badly treated. The decisions were for whatever reason blatantly out of order, but if MoN starts getting a WengerFerguson "all the refs are against us" label it will have exactly the opposite effect.

        The United and the Chelsea games happened and we can't change the past. So Martin, get the players out there and let's show what a great club and a great team we have. It's the only way to react.