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  • The problem is...you can take the fan out of the club, but you can't take the club out of the fan. We all fit this cliche'...does anyone really think that I along with 9000 other mindless idiots would faithfully stand (sit) on the terraces of St andrews if we (I) could do anything other and support another team at will? Its not possible. Randy nows that 20,000 will turn up to watch the washroom woman dry the kit if she hung it out to dry at Villa Park. Lambert is certainly no mug...he knows Villa have a faithfull following who will turn up every home game. If they didn't would they still be employing Lambert at villa Park...I think not.

    Now comes the dilema...will Randy show Lambert the door if he gets Villa relegated ?...or if Villa , as seems likely, amass less than the 37 points Mcleish accumalated last season. Randy says lamberts job is safe, no matter what. We will see.