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  • B4ts B4ts Jun 13, 2007 23:14 Flag

    Wise's delight !!

    Just about sums up Dennis Wise, high on ambition,the heartache of relegation all but forgotten. The name of Leeds United ridiculed the length and breadth of the country (if not even further) BUT he is delighted to take his team to ......Macclesfield !! and play against his old mate Paul Ince......... do we have cause for concern ????

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    • I think Lee Hendry fell out of favour with David O' Leary before M.o'Neill came to Villa Park, and Lee wanted 1st team footy, and went out on Loan at Stoke. I don't think M.O N has really watched him, but if he had, I don't think he would have been so keen to sell him. He's a terrific little battler, just what Sheff U need, and obviously Brian Robson knows all about him from his WBA days. I wish him all the best at Bramwell Lane, as I do Brian Robson.

    • Lee Hendrie, if it is him that turns up as you say will be a good signing. Nigel, did he fall out with O'Neill at Villa or was it some other reason?

      I know what Nigel has said but I still have my doubts about Robson. Personally, I didn't think his record was that good. He was given buckets of money at Boro and it still came to nothing despite his close relationshp with Gibson. Still, lets wait and see...

    • Hopefully he will prove all his doubters wrong this season.He's got the experience now, so he cant really have any excuses except maybe being short of a shilling or two at the Lane. He did a good job at Boro with chairman Steve Gibson and was greatly responsible for their position today, so fingers crossed. I was delighted to see the signing of Hendrie, always liked him as a player at Villa. Only reservation I have is which Hendrie will turn up for us, Lee or Steven??????

    • Howy, I can't see why everyone puts Robson down, his record isn't that bad. He was managing WBA until early season, after doing the impossible when he arrived in keeping them up in the Prem, He was then given peanuts to spend and the inevitable happened. . It is widely thought in this area, if Robson hadn't walked (or jumped before he was pushed) out on WBA after an indifferent start (I mean they were all of 3 points from the playoff places!!) WBA would be up instead of Derby. (At least thats one relegation place taken care of though)

      Yes I know all the cliches, and Robson has the personality of a Morf, but he ain't that bad, I reckon it will be Sheff U, Leicester and Charlton to come up next May, seriously, especially as Lee Hendrie is pulling on a Red and White stripey shirt this season, he's a tenatious little buggar that will run through a brick wall for you.

    • I agree with you bty. It does give them a good chance to re-stake a claim in the premiership again. There doesn't appear on paper to be too much to worry about. Just reiterating that Robson could be the fly in the ointment to that ambition...

    • I need to stick my oar in!! I am not sucking up to Howy/Sheff. Utd, BUT, No doubt you will have a better season than we can even hope for. You bloodied some noses in the top flight. Now look around in the Championship, Sunderland,Derby and Brum. all gone. Honestly, who do you see as a problem ? The two clubs who came down with you, maybe Preston/Wolves/WBA and possibly your neighbours across Town !

    • Good luck. Think a snorkel & flippers may be in order tomorrow. I think Wise will have a shorter period than Robson to get things right at the start of the coming season. I just can't see Leeds fans having much more patience with him.

    • Hopefully will be out there tomorrow, come hell or high water... I think its the high water than might have the last laugh mind....

      I am not convinced about Robson. He does seem to have been high profile over the last few weeks. But you are right, he has the ability to make or break the Blades. Still, don't get too downbeat, at least it's not Dennis The Menace....

    • Not played for weeks due to the weather to be honest Nev.Everytime I arrange something it pisses it down. Getting withdrawal symptoms now. Least the open is on. So its sofa a few beers and chinese this weekend for me.Robson has had a bit of success, and the obvious failures. The blokes got to be given a chance, but I think his honeymoon period will be very short. My biggest fear is that he will squander what little money the club has on bad buys and huge wage bills, and we end up back to square one, broke and battling to survive. Been there before, its no fun, as you guys are well aware.

    • I only do it for fun! I think Eichmann or one of his ilk said pretty much the same thing " Ich mache daß nur aus Spaß", I make that only out of fun! or Charles Manson when he cut up Sharon Tate! More uptodate and nearer to home the yobo`s who kick old ladies! Wise should take his money dig himself a very very deep hole, thrwo the money in and jump in after it! he does not have zto worry about filling the hole back in, I am sure we will find plenty of volunteers!

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