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  • dillon dillon Aug 3, 2007 01:13 Flag

    Latest on the LEEDS plight.

    Hi Boys,
    Been sorting out the latest complaint against me for being too rough and am back again now. SO . Whats changed?

    I see our mate BATS has changed his stage name to...wait for it... BATS, its just spelt different.... Is it a part anagramn of BATES?,..... BATS?

    Weve done Bates is done to death, and Vinny hopefully has ordered the horses head and sent it round to his house by recorded mail..what else...? WISE is keeping his head down.. a WISE thing to do...The team is further reduced as now I hear Cresswell is on his bike , there is no goalkeeper. Perhaps the young lady who likes bending down we discussed earlier in the year has reconsidered and will now take the custodian job.

    Steve in Kuwait is making a few good points, but what I want to know is this...Can anyone suggest the starting 11 for the first game...AND don't include BATES or WISE in it please..................