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    We still have three weeks left to make signings, and I for one am very concerned..

    With the exception of Schmeicel, Bruce, Watt & Sam, I have found our summer signings somewhat uninspiring...

    Connolly, Bessone, Clayton, Paynter and Collins:

    Connolly and Bessone couldn't secure first team football at clubs I expect us to beat in the Championship this season, and Collins was considered surplus to requirements at another of these clubs, and sent for a steady-yet-not-fantastic loan spell with us. Before he got injured, I held concerns regarding Paynter's meagre returns at this level previously, but was re-assured by SG's statements that he was not a direct replacement for Beckford - yet the season has begun and no replacement has materialised, and Paynter is now injured! While I am all for giving Somma and Grella a chance, I don't believe that this should be done at the expense of our survival in this league! These two young strikers need to grasp opportunities in cup games and sub appearances to earn the right to start; this right should not, and cannot, be earnt through pre-season and training performance alone, let alone a lack of alternatives.

    As for Clayton, a month-long loan stint for a player who has never played at this level is hardly the inspired central midfielder we were searching for.

    With the likes of Koren and Kilgallon apparently nearing agreements to sign for CHampionship rivals, I am concerned, no mortified, that we are not in contention. Surely, particularly in the case of Killa, we would be contenders for their signatures.

    Now is the time to make a statement and sign somebody such as Kitson or Beattie, an EPL player who WILL cost money but WILL succeed at this level.

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    • B4ts, Peter wrote about you, “I have always loved your optimism and supported it”. I endorse this. A few seasons back, I was slated on this board for being optimistic (I think I was called ‘Mr Optimism’, Optimism Man, or something like that – you will remember what was said better than me as you usually do) so I empathise with what you are saying now. I just think you are being unfair in criticising other posters for ‘negativity’.
      Having read our recent posts, I just do not get what you mean when you say, “a great deal of negativity has been visited on these boards”. Can you be specific?
      Although I have occasional doubts about some of Simon Grayson’s judgements (he is a young manager and this is to be expected), I wholeheartedly agree with you that he is “our best manager for several years”.
      As fans, we may support Simon but the support he really needs comes from the Leeds board. You say that Simon is under severe financial constraints, ‘he was dealt a stinging blow with Paynter’ and that if possible he would get another striker. Do you know, actually, what financial constraints he has? It seems that no one, other than the invisible owners of Leeds, knows this.
      As Peter pointed out, Leeds “has a larger budget than many Championship clubs, greater revenue streams, greater likelihood of convincing players to move to us etc... “ so it is reasonable to ask why the Club is not making the significant signings it needs to cut-it in the league it has just entered.
      Simon did say that Paynter was not a replacement for Beckford. I guess he was thinking that Hooper would replace Beckford but we did not get Hooper, so, what is going to happen now?
      The latest rumours are that Leeds is looking to sign Charlie Austin (Ipswich), and/or Adam Le Fondre (Rotherham) but as neither are any better than Somma it seems like Leeds is scraping the barrel after all the best players have gone to other clubs.
      On the up side, I agree with you that ‘reject’ players from one club can become stars at another (there are loads of examples, and Johnny Giles is a great one). I believe that Connolly, Bruce, and Bessone will do a job for us. On the other hand, why SG paid £500K for Collins is a complete mystery.

    • Sense a mood of real trepidation, lads. Get your heads up, the league is p-ss poor as I've said before. Just a shame that Bates hasn't really replaced Beckford. There's another one gone, Beattie. Like Scotland, cracking on a bit but you need the goals.

    • I hear what you are saying Peter and your analysis certainly makes compelling reading. However, a great deal of negativity has been visited on these boards, sure, you pay your money so its your call. We have our best manager for several years, one who has actually brought some good and success to the club. He is under severe financial constraints be in no doubt about that, the money is not there. He has just been dealt a stinging blow with Paynter. I rather doubt that he can just go out and get another striker but you can rest assured that if it is possible he will do it. I am certain he is acutely aware. He has strengthened the squad 8 players brought in.We talk about rejects from other clubs, its is simply what we can afford and that is the way it is and if he has made a false call and they do not measure up we will be demoted and he will get sacked. I remember another reject that Leeds gave a job to, arguably the finest player to ever pull on a Leeds shirt so we should not dwell too much on that. Leeds have been "my" club since 1967 and I have defended them through thick and the very very thin times we have just come through. The club will not always get it right first time and may be not get it right at all, be I do feel that they are entitled to a chance and for anyone, be it a Blades supporter or someone closer to home to to criticise or otherwise condemn them after one game is I feel amoral.
      Johnny Giles in case you didn't guess.

    • Very good post Peter and I endorse everything you have said.

    • Tell you what, guys, Jason Scotland would be a gem of an aquasition for the Championship. He hasn't been snapped up quite yet---wonderful left peg, he'd get you 15, no doubt.

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      • Thanks for the timely intervention, Alan.
        Jason Scotland is, reportedly, to be in the process of signing for Ipswich but other clubs are tracking him, one of which may be Leeds
        If Grayson wants Scotland then he must move quickly. Somehow, I cannot see it happening.
        Where would he fit? Leeds will play 4-5-1, and why would Grayson drop Becchio for him?
        At 31, Scotland is not worth the reported £1M+ asking price to Leeds. If Bates ever parts with a healthy sum, it will be for a player that he can get a return on in years to come.
        Scotland carries too much weight and is not prolific. He did really well in L1 then scored something like 15 in the Championship for Swansea. We need someone who can provide 20+ goals.

    • B4ts, get off your high horse. We all want the best for Leeds. Unlike, say, picking lottery numbers and hoping that by sticking by them they will produce a winning ticket, supporting Leeds (or any football team) is about getting involved and caring passionately. If it were otherwise, there would be no point to these message boards.

    • I cannot agree with your comments about Paynter. He played two pre season games and was injured in the third ( if my memory serves me) and scored. He scored more goals last season than Beckford ( who you also mention, it may have been league goals ) We all seem to be beating ourselves up about Beckford. Do we remember his goal tally against opportunities ? He was not that good. He wanted to leave Leeds and did so. He may or may not have caused disruption in the team but we the fans thought he had.No, he was acclaimed on the last day when we pulled off the win, its a pity it was not Becchio who was far more deserving.

    • http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11715_6306861,00.html

      whether he is Hungarian (not) or Honduran, an attacking midfielder who could score goals like Commons who destroyed us on saturday would be nice... the role that Robinson was signed to play and never capable of...