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  • So Coventry City it is, at the Ricoh Arena. Am very surprised to see them sitting as high on the table as they are, and I see it as proof that a good team will always beat a team of good players.. hopefully, our latest performance shows that we can try and turn the tide and play like that as well..

    A very tough game, as their league position justifiably dictates, though I believe we can come up trumps if we put in a performance like our second half on Saturday..

    Noted that McSheffrey scored for Coventry on the weekend, he will have plenty to prove against us, the team who didn't want him, and I can only hope that we mark him tightly and avoid any 'revenge' goals.

    Now I'm no Easy on the predictions, but I'm going to say 1-1 and 2 games undefeated.. MOT

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    • I read a comment from a Coventry fan who stated they would have to play a lot better than they did against the Blades if they were to get anything from Leeds. Lets hope they don't !

    • Your 'good team beats team of good players' is a sound tenet, Peter. If Leeds can settle down and find the consistency that comes with players knowing each others' strengths and weaknesses, then it has every chance of gelling into a good team.
      Picking up a comment you made in your last post (re Scunthorpe) about our starting XI, the 4-3-3 formation suits those players. The back four, with O'Brien, McCartney, Connolly, and Bruce, will improve with games, becoming a strength rather than a worrying weakness - pace will continue to be a problem
      A good holding midfielder, like Faye (although he didn't have a good game against the Iron), who can breakdown attacks and get the ball to Killa to spray passes to attacking and wide midfielders, gives the team the spine it needs.
      Leeds seemed to improve when Johnson replaced Faye but I don't think BJ is a natural DM so, as was the case before the season began, this position continues as our weakest link.
      If Sam, Watt, and Paynter are fit, I'd be optimistic about this next game and go for a 1-3 Leeds win.