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  • John J John J Oct 20, 2011 11:37 Flag

    What Do You Guys Think

    Hi guys, John from Cyprus, I havent been around for a while but now I am back (and before you ask, NO I havent been in prison lol) having supported Leeds man and boy I understand the frustration Leeds fans go through but is the booing to the team or the performance. Yes everyone can do better!!! but at the end of the day following your team isnt cheap and alot of those guys travel all over with Leeds so YES I think they are intitled to frent the frustratoin out on people who probably earn more in a month then alot of the supporters earn in a year. Sorry if this offends anyone

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    • I do not think we should retain Howson in the team just to ensure that he signs a new contract; indeed, his failings in a 4-4-2 formation are a serious one, and perhaps they show that his bargaining and wage demands should be slightly diminished.

      We played Johnson, Kilkenny and Beckford until the end and they still left; what's to say Howson won't do the same? I think the time has come to stick Varynen into a starting spot, he can push forward when necessary but also knows how to hold back...

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      • We all know that JH is not right as captain, but all this talk of letting him go because he can't do this or that is in my opinion a little unfair.
        The lad is having a bad time of things at the moment, which happens to everyone in the game. HE IS without doubt an above average player and most importantly he is a local lad with the passion for his club.If the management see him as a long term player at ER then they should be offering him a fair contract for his services. I realise what seems fair to one side doesn't always seem so to the other, but at the end of the day if he really wants to stay he can safeguard his future earnings by having the appropriate clause in his contract.
        We may not always play the same formation in every match and it is down to LG to ensure he gets the best from his squad. If he plays better in a 4-5-1 situation then the manager should have the foresight to switch that formation when required.
        Whichever way you look at it he is a valuable player to our squad and with his heart in the right place, so let's make sure we keep hold of him. If he does go off the boil there will be plenty of takers and KB can still make a profit on the lad as he cost nowt.