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  • With poor recent form and no new signings, does Leeds stand any chance of getting a result against in-form Birmingham?
    I think Simon Grayson’s team will be:
    Thompson, Lees, O’Dea, White;
    Snodgrass, Delph, Clayton, Townsend;
    McCormack, Becchio.
    Subs: Taylor, Wilson, Pugh, Rogers, and Forssell.
    Brum will push us back into our own half and from set pieces our back four will struggle against Nikola Zigic, the 6’8” Brum striker.
    Our only chance is to take the game to Brum by dominating the midfield. I just cannot see this happening, even if we played 4-5-1.
    Nevertheless, my heart says Leeds needs to win and, with our backs to the wall, we will steal a 2-1 victory!

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    • That result caught me unawares, Andy....in the past I would have considered 1-1 against Leeds a good result, but 1-4 ?? Birmingham look unstoppable right now, 28goals in 13 games is some going, and I actually consider a result at Chelsea possible now. Leeds will come good Andy,

    • Peter, the fans got behind the team, and the team did okay in the first half, but it was not up to playing an organised side with clinical finishing. If Leeds had invested in players at the start of the transfer window, this result could have been very different but now, more than ever, I am convinced that Bates does not want promotion this season. He has a plan. He is sticking with it and he could not give a flying fuck if he ruins the club in carrying out his plan.

    • We have been poor for weeks sneaking 2 wins and a draw relying on the other team being down to ten men, I still feel confidence is low and with the bad atmosphere at Elland Road these days and probably our lowest attendance I'm going with a 2-0 defeat sorry I hope I'm wrong okay the blues go down to ten men and we like you say steal a win M.O.T!

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      • Yeah, I know what you mean, Lotto. I have never felt so down about Leeds as at present. Bates is ruining our club and I have no faith left in Simon Grayson's abilities as a manager.
        These are difficult times for LUFC fans; it is hard to support a team whose board shows no ambition. Players too will pick-up on us fans’ lack of belief; opponents will exploit our negative feelings, and Bates’ Leeds will continue as the most expensive washout club in English football.
        I am not a supporter of the BATES OUT campaign – it will achieve nothing. What I want to see is a thorough financial forensic investigation into his offshore dealings and if, as we all suspect, he is a liar and a cheat, that he gets his comeuppance.
        Only with Bates out of the way, in gaol, will investors take Leeds seriously. For years, Bates has been putting potential investors off by insisting that he retains a 50 per cent interest in the club and a seat on the board - consequently, no serious investor will have anything to do with Leeds.
        Only with Bates out of the way (in prison!), and full disclosure of the ownership of its assets, will Leeds attract the kind of investor that can return this once great club to the top flight of football.