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  • BRYAN BRYAN Jan 21, 2013 22:26 Flag

    Nice Realistic Bit For The Weekend

    An interesting article Andy, and a good post.
    Personally, I think if Colin is going to pack it in at the end of the season, then he should be got rid of now. If GFH have the cash to back a new manager, and at the moment it is a big if, get him in for the last 2 weeks of the window and start to build his own team.
    We will not make the play offs if we continue with our current tactics and it could get worse.
    I am not saying Colin can't take us up but it is looking increasingly unlikely. If we don't bring someone in now, and there are a couple of good candidates about, then the seeds should be sown for the end of the season.
    As Southampton had obviously been hatching a plot since November, there is no reason we can't do the same.