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  • The Dunster The Dunster Jan 30, 2013 01:07 Flag

    Leeds v Totts

    On the downside tonight after dropping 2 points at Loftus Road. I was gobsmacked how many blues were moaning on twitter. With success comes glory hunting arseholes who expect to win every game. It was pretty balanced with proper blues chastising them for getting like rag fans.
    It's brilliant supporting City at present but football has changed so much in the last few years. Garry Cook who eventually fell on his sword was instrumental in getting the Abu Dhabi millions for us. They were looking at several clubs including Newcastle and Everton. Apparently he worked tirelessly promoting the club and potential. He was a bit arrogant and occasionally embarrassing but did a great job for us. Leeds really need someone to do this for them now as the revenue from fans in Asia and worldwide is like never before. It's probably the worst time to be out of the premiership. There is footage on youtube of a coach full of Indonesians singing City songs. The irony of listening to them finishing with a rendition of Manchester is blue is priceless.
    There are often conspiracy theories banded about but I must admit as an outsider looking in I honestly believe Bates has no interest in promoting the name, the history or potential of Leeds United. Anyway I've invaded your forum a bit too much lately. I'll leave you to discuss all things Leeds and probably drop by after the cup game.