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  • Lottolee Lottolee Feb 12, 2013 23:16 Flag

    Wolves v Leeds/M'boro v Leeds

    Okay my views, No width in midfield,Boro were constantly using width mainly they have pace upfront as well as the central midfielder who put his foot on the ball looked for a pass and oh yeah scored a goal (Paddy Kenny for me ball watched and was flat footed). Brown for all his trying is just not good enough him and Green were gasping for breath at points in the game, said alot when there was a break half our team were at the water bottles knackered, no Boro players got drinks! Left his subs far too late Morrison and Habidoodoodo should of scored as Ross for me should of had 2. Barkley should of started but hey he's gone now, No Pace upfront or in midfield and many a time there was a big hole in the centre TIME TO GO NEIL!