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  • Lyndon Lyndon Jul 22, 2005 22:15 Flag

    God doesn't exist.

    There is no such entity as God. It doesn't exist. This is the pefect time for 'God' to show himself as he 'supposedly' did in Biblical times. If God existed, he would be here helping his children and calming his children in this world war over religion.

    He/she/it doesn't exist. Accept it and the world will be a better place. There is no such thing. There is more evidence for BIGFOOT than there is for 'God'.

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    • Only to her criticism of violence in Gods name.

    • I was talking AT you not to you...subtle difference !

    • look, if you think me as stupid and childish, why do you talk to me? (and anyway i am a lot younger than you, so technically you are speaking to a child, i am not gonna pretend that you are not wiser, for u are a lot older and thus have more experience than me and i respect that!) I want to stop writing, but it is just to addictive!!!

    • Same here Faith...problem is I am having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent in you !!!

    • no, gonna stay on just to annoy you!

    • Faith...you said a number of times you were going, yet here you are still posting endless nonsensical jabberings. You talk in riddles you make no sense you worship a hateful cult, you need to clear off. If only you could see how erratic and inane yor posts are...you do not even understand what most people on here mean when they post. You go off half cocked after isunderstanding almost every single post on here. I would have said you were about 7 years old had I been handed your rambling, incoherant, whitterings outside of here.

      My last post was one of ironic humour...not that any of you cult worshippers live in any sort of reality anyway to even understand the concept of wit.

      Do as you promised...clear off and give us a rest from your paranoid protestations.

    • mav,

      you remind me of them sick radical extremist living in the middle east, go over there, you are just as twisted and would settling in no doubt!! !you preach what they act out, cutting off the heads of innocent people!! if you want to cut of my head, i will be more than willing to give you my address and see you try... but you're not man enough, you are all talk talk talk!!!

      please, if you don't want to hear what i saay, just stop reading my posts, it is your choice, yexercise your freedom!!

    • *takes hat off to faith..*

    • 'I am standing up for my right to demand that muslims renounce terror or don't live in the west.'

      i agree with you 100%. thank you for acknowleding that not all muslims are bad!! still, i understand where you are coming from.

      My husband explained to me that in Saudi, if a non-muslim woman dressed in western clothes can't walk around without covering up, that really shocked me!! i thought that that really wasn't fair!
      Afterwards, i realised that i shouldn't really take offence for any of the things that people say say here... i can still live anywhere in the west and nobody would ever know that i am muslim!

      If the time come i wouldn't fight for islam, i would defend it though!!!

      I think any person who would encourage such barbaric acts, is inhuman!!! my dad would kill me if i said i wanted to go and strap a bomb around me and kill loads of people, but he didn't kill me a few years back when i had renounced islam!!! And i know that there are millions like me living all around the world, west included!!!

    • Hi Faith, From my perspective, I don't think for one minute that All muslims are terrorists. I also think that Most muslims are against the terror aspect of Islam. Perhaps I have good faith or perhaps I am naive??? But, one concern most non-muslims have is that a percentage of western muslims surveyed supported suicide bombings and would be proud to strap a bomb belt on their son, all in the name of Islam. Now I can't recall the percentage figure, but it was significant (I have to find the thread) even if it was 2%? that means out of 2 million muslims living in UK, over 40,000 muslims believe/support barbaric acts of terrorism, all in the name of Islam. I've written before that more muslims need to come forward and renounce terror and I believe that is what you are doing and I admire your courage to speak your truth - more muslims need to do it. I am standing up for my right to demand that muslims renounce terror or don't live in the west. Its that simple really. Another question non-muslims have is, if it came right down to it (I'll exaggerate with WW3?), would most muslims, in the name of Islam ultimately support ALL aspects of Islam? (specifically the part where non-muslims are inferior and the terror part?)

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