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  • Will Will Sep 19, 2006 08:19 Flag

    Taxi for Robbo

    I`ve been a Robson fan all the time he`s been in charge because you have got to get behind the lads who are doing it every week. Now he`s gone which was a shock, he was tactically poor with very few ideas of what players could do to really unlock the defence. He brought players worth millions to the club, but more so he made the good ones stay, if we hadn`t had Robson at the end of the season Davies, Greening, Gera, Robinson etc etc would have all left for sure to Reading and Watford or any other London area club most likely.
    Curbishley is the man and if he comes it would be fantastic, but I don`t see it happening, more likly to get O`leary or Hoddle and damn me theres real ineptitude. How about, and I really hate to say it Sven? Ron Atkinson shouldn`t be let near the club.
    We just got some good players, prepare to lose them if we don`t get the right manager.

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    • I must agree with the chairman finally getting rid of Robson, but was the timing right? There is a total lack of managerial quality available at present. Can anyone seriously ever see Curbishley coming to us? He`s waiting for the Spurs job. What about taking a chance on Alex Mcleish? He did`nt do much wrong in Scotland on a limited budget.

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      • I diasagree Robson is a good manager as u can see all the clubs that went down r having problems its no-ones divine right to come straight back up, but its only early season and had He been given time Baggies would hav gone Boing Boing look at Birmingham they r joint top and ppl still whinging just shows u what loyalty the fans hav 2day look at the stadium of Shite as we call it they still get 35000 fans regulary what happened to the singing baggies fans when they went down B4? WBA were hardly in a crisis to sack Robbo yeah they drew with Southend there r many teams who would swap places with the baggies anytime gr8 club, Team, fans well this one the WBA board need to fix asap because it is their making..
        Keep right on! ;) and BOing Boing..
        Hope to see u come up with us BCFC this season so we can do the OOh AAh next season on u know who.. lol