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  • Will Will Oct 31, 2006 07:47 Flag

    What happened?

    I think it's more the new manager that makes me want to weild the axe and from 15 goals how many has our great Premiership hope scored for us? I wouldn't be too surprised if Gera outscores him this season, it's like he had a deal with Wigan "ok boss I won't score too many when I move".

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    • hey dont get me wrong, I agree that Ellington is not our best striker and I guess that Phillips and Kamara are our two best options when they are fit and available. I would also not be disappointed if Ellington goes in January, however if he has been picked to play i feel any negative vibes from the fans doesnt do him any good.

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      • Yep I am with you on that when the players are on the pitch we should support them fully as they are the managers best choice for that situation. I think that maybe the players should go out with that attitude. Maybe they should start playing with their next manager in mind because some aren't impressing too many people at the moment.