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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 16, 2007 17:39 Flag

    Squeaky Bum Time for Mowbray

    Do you seriously want Robson back? Tactically inept, lucky to stay in the premiership, got found out last season. I actually dont mind Mowbray. He does know when to make subs (did leave it abit late on Friday when Kamara should have been off 10 mins earlier), and tends to make the right one. If players dont want to play (Ellington, Gera, etc) then it doesnt matter whos in charge. As for Davis there arnt that many prem clubs beating down the door to get at him. Personnally Id have taken the 5.5 mill from spurs and bought a decent striker (dare I mention earnshaw - I personnal think hed play really well with hartson and phillips). Kamara - well it was the worst game hes had for us against Luton and I guess we're all entitled to one bad game, lets see how he plays in the next match.
    But please - no Robson!!!!