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  • Bob Bob May 18, 2009 01:48 Flag

    Excellent Fans

    I know that you must all be feeling a bit #$%$ now so I thought I would just post to say that I think the way your fans reacted today was excellent. You showed great support for the poor lad who gave away the first when he got substitued. It was also good to hear fans giving support to the manager rather than calling for his head which is the normal reaction.

    Hang on the Tony M. and the way you play and I am sure you will be straight back up next year.

    Bob B (LFC fan)

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    • Agree with you Bob B, WBA fans were magnificent all season.
      Respect to WBA supporters.

    • Well said Bob
      Watched the match hoping that you could do a Steve McQueen and peg back Liverpool but the fans were brilliant your support as well as some of your passing football deserves Premier League status.

      Good Luck next season
      Chelsea fan

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      • A Steve McQueen ?!?!? Didn't he try to escape but got caught in the barbwire fence and hauled back???
        Fairplay the S**T have played some "pretty" football but what good is that if you can't score goals or even defend??
        Biggest mistake was getting rid of Philips who can score goals at that level and not replacing him with a player or someone LOL who can score goals.
        Mowbray bought the wrong type of players who couldn't or didnt want to show some grit when they needed it.
        I was hoping the S**T would survive cause that would have been fantastic for the Premier League plus i've missed a massive club like them coming to the Wolves. PMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Wolves Til I Die.