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  • Ambo Ambo Jun 15, 2011 12:16 Flag

    The Williams Sisters seeding

    Can anyone explain to me why the Williams sisters can play at Eastbourne and Wimbledon without qualifying. Many players dont get though because they dont qualify. After a year out I feel its unfair on other players that they seem to just automatically qualify. Serena was ill but as far as I know Venus was okay. Have tried to find out more info on why this can happen but without success.

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    • To add to the points made about the unfairness of the seedings at wimbledon i present Federer. As Bobito mentioned before Henman got high seedings because of his "past accomplishments" on grass. Based on that past and the extreme bump of Serena shouldn't Fed be #2 as he has had much more success at Wimbledon than Novak has. The seeding system at the moment lacks clarity and opens the door to rigging based on what makes the most money.

    • Had Serena been seeded 25, in keeping with her ranking, then she would have drawn #4 seed Victoria Azarenka in the 3rd round. Instead she gets #26 seed Maria Kirilenko.

    • Well said Kathy. I am in full agreement with you and Bobito on this. Oh well, the draw comes out this morning, I wonder what "little gems" it will produce!!

    • hello !

      the wilmbledon is the only grand slam which doesn't pay attention to the official rankings so much .

      when they are making the seedings, it can be important your history at wilbledon, if you have won titles there , that can help you rise your seeding on draw

      but don't expect to put serena williams seeded 1 , it would be exagerated considering she's so down in the rankings.

      i saw serena being seeded 1 when she was 3 or 4 in the official rankings .Also Venus received some help not just once :P

      i saw Roger Federer seeded 1 being 2-nd in the official rankings and Rafa 1

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      • Both Serena and Venus are still currently ranked high enough to be seeded (26 and 32). Even if they weren't, you don't have to be seeded to get into the main draw without playing the qualifying rounds, a top 80 ranking would do.

        That they have been seeded 8th and 24th is a little more contentious. Venus' seeding is irrelevant, since at either 24 or 32 she will be drawn against a top 16 seed in the 3rd round. Bumping up her seeding is therefore merely for show.

        However, Serena's elevated seeding is, for me a little too far. To bump her up from 24 to 8 is unfair on the players who should, by ranking, have originally had last 16 and quarter final seedings.

        Yes I know that Wimbledon has a history of doing this kind of thing but that, in the past, was because it was the only grass court tournament. Since the courts at SW19 are much slower these days, there is no longer any reason for the seedings to deviate from the rankings.

        As for a former champion returning after absence, again other tournaments don't do it so I see no reason for Wimbledon to. Hingis won the Australian Open three times but was unseeded there when she returned to the tour, Clijsters was US Open champion last time she had played there but unseeded in 2009 and and Henin won Roland Garros four times including her last visit there but was seeded 22, in keeping with her ranking, last year.

        So I see no good reason for Serena's seeding being so far above her ranking.