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    Spurs in Champs League 2009/10

    It has been impressive how well Spurs are playing at the moment. It is going to be a crucial summer for you guys as you need to keep hold of Berbatov first and foremost.

    IF you can do this I feel Spurs are only one or two signings away from the coveted top 4 finish. These signings must come in the midfield area. Jenas is not bad, but he is certainly not good enough to lead a midfield with Champions League aspirations. A good Patrick Vieira like player is required. What about trying Ledley King in midfield??? Then Steed Malbranque must be dropped. His energy levels are superb but he lacks the technical ability to be seen as top class. A good left sided midfielder is a priority. Maybe testing City's resolve for keeping Petrov is an option?

    I see a potential top 4 team as.


    This team has potential - Ideally you need another central midfielder, then King could replace Dawson at centre back.

    League next season.

    Arsenal, Chelsea and United to challenge for title again.

    Spurs, Liverpool, Everton and Villa will fill positions 4-7.

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    • i DO like Cerny but he's not really any better than robbo , apart from confidence. I know theres not many Petr Cechs about but he's WORLD class and anyone close to Petrs quality would be a great purchase

      On Robbo well the spotlight is too bright everytime he plays. He's in the biggest goldfish bowl in the world. No chance of getting confidence back. Every fan looks for an error, every pundit, every writer. A trip abroad would do him the world of good.

      Havent watched any of the african nations cupbut i'll keep an eye open for those names mate. Just been too busy with my life. F**king stressy at the moment

      Cheers Auds


    • A goalkeeper? Do you not like the look of Cerny. He has come in and performed pretty well. Robinson's Spurs days look numbered, he would be a good signing for someone like Walsall or Bournemouth.

      Petrov has been excellent for City, I particularly like the way he wastes no time in delivering crosses, something that Berbatov and the excellent Robbie Keane would thrive upon.

      I really think you need a top quality central midfielder though. Someone like an Essien. I haven't seen much of the African Cup of nations but they do produce some great players. Stephen Appiah of Ghana and Fenerbache is a top player who would succeed in the Premiership but age is not on his side. What do you think?

    • Nice post Audrey..

      Are you the Audrey from ages ago with the ID "Audrey Loves Snatch"?

      If so,where have you been?

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      • I am the very same snatch loving Audrey. I have been away for a good nine months from these boards as I was warned by Yahoo over the apparant abusive content in my messages. I decided that as people could not take a bit of fun I wouldn't bother.

        Recently I was scouring the boards when I saw Kate K on the Chelsea board had started bad mouthing me again. I e-mailed her privately telling her to basically fuck off as I no longer use the boards and received a barrage of abusive e-mails in response. I thought, if I am still having an effect even when I don't use the boards I may as well come back and start posting again so here I am.

        I will still throw in the odd abusive comment (for fun) but I like to think that towards the end of my tenure on the boards the last time around, people began to realise I knew a bit about the game and took my swearing etc. with a pinch of salt.

    • totally disagree over the last couple of months jenas has been getting better and better i think he has outplayed carrick hargreaves scholes and fabregas the only thing that he needs to improve on is his finishing. as for malbranque energy levels are fantastic,scores goals all be it could have scored more but he frightens every right back he runs at (or am i a wee bit biast,me thinks not)

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      • I agree with Audrey, Jenas is very good and in fact has the potential to be exceptional, he seems to magic space, but we need a player to support him. Zakora was meant to be that man and so far hasn't quite made it. When we had Carrick he could control the game and while he wasn't a Scholes or a Davids (In his day) for tackling or tracking back his passing was spot on. Malbranque is good but he doesn't have the awareness to take on the best, I would hang on to him though as he is an excellent option off the bench. We need to look at a holding midfielder who can tackle and pass, and free up Jenas and Lennon and of course a left winger!! Maybe Gilberto will be employed in the centre of midfield.