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  • What an amazing weekend of football action and incident......and more surprisingly, what a humble, sober....almost reverential place these message boards are this morning. Even the usual suspects are making enlightened, even conciliatory comments on eachothers boards!
    None of the usual bitterness, insults and retribution we are used to on a Monday morning. Instead its been replaced with measured comments, honest congratulations and dare I say it...a modicum of grown up discussion! Obviously yesterdays superb win ove CFC and the horrendous injury to Eduardo have combined to perhaps knock us out of our stupor?
    I have to say respect to all those individuals who have congratulated us this morning instead of looking for cheap shots.......your contributions are gratefully acknowledged. Wouldnt it be something if these boards were like this all the time eh?
    Ok ok I'll wake up now and stop dreaming... of course it wont last and rightly so......I look forward to normal hostilities resuming as soon as necessary....but just for a second shall we all pause and listen.....shhhh can you hear it? Could it be harmony amongst football fans?...........what a revoluionary ideal!

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    • Yiddo...I've give my congratulations...now stop it...

      what would we be like eh, if all we could do was pat each other on the back and say."Jolly well done, old fellow...so glad you won and all that...Toppo old boy !" .

      Nar...lets get back to normal please...enough is enough !!

    • Such a great day. Imagine if we are the only team in London to win something eh? Quality stuff

      Eduardos injury did overshadow all events on saturday but sundays football made up for it. i hope he can play again. Whoever the player plays for - respect for the man. Hopefully his career isnt cut short

      The idiots will be back EY. They're like Scotch VHS tapes. Guaranteed for life but the quality ALWAYS GETS WORSE