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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 2, 2008 21:18 Flag

    Levy Should resign

    Ordinarily I'd be with you on both of these, I know Levy's cocked up a lot in the past so I wouldn't miss him if he went, and I think it'd be right for the FA to look into it regardless (I think they're a bit of a mockery of an organisation in all honesty).

    However, this was the outcome we all knew would happen some time ago, Man U's interest in Berbs has been known since before we signed him and this time last year everyone was expecting him to have moved, once Keane left there was no way he was going to stay and he wasn't part of the team dynamic. I think we've got more money than we expected, the departure we all knew was coming, and now we can finally - finally - move on.

    As far as I can see, the team we now have all really want to be there, so all this silliness with the strikers and unsettled players is behind us, time to let the past be history and focus on the future.

    Besides, you're only as good as you're last game in football, and Berb didn't even make the bench for his!