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  • Ah now John - I am not sure about that. When you look at what would probably be described as our best selection exactly how good are they? OK so we can now thankfully count Gomes out so Cudiccini - yes I rate him but the best ? Probably not. Chimbonda - not bad but couldn't get a game at Sunderland! Ekotto I like but has his defensive frailties. Dawson and Woodgate can't get in the England squad cos Terry, Ferdinand and even Upson are rated better. King - well great player but we all know about his injuries.

    Corluka and the other defenders are not World class in anybody's book.

    Jenas, Bentley, Huddlestone, Bale and O'Hara all underperforming. Lennon, Modric, Zakora all inconsistent. Palicios an unknown as yet.

    Pav not yet proved he is worth the money we paid. Bent we all know about. Defoe and Keane yet to get back in the swing of things.

    I really do not understand where you get the whole "the squad is good enough" bit. It isn't. It's average at best but it's "ours" and we all hope that Arry can get the best out of them and we can build a team spirit that will make up for the lack of World class players.

    Hope all this does not depress you anymore than you are already John but you started it!!!! :-)