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  • richard j richard j Oct 31, 2009 22:20 Flag

    3-0......The gulf in CLASS was OBVIOUS

    WTF the first and second goals were school boy stuff.I dint expect to win but that was bullshit.
    Sorry Pav goodbye and see ya later Bale.
    Were not good enough for a top 4 place at the moment
    I thought Gomes played a blinder.
    COYS (next season)

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    • With all respect....

      IF the first and second were "schoolboy stuff" then the "school boys were all wearing white today.

      Harry f*cked the team selection i reckon.

      Sheer class from the chaps in red and thats a fact.

      Results go against you guys today and you could well find yourself in 8th position.

      Arsenal didnt even play particularly well today.

      Good game Yids. Good game.

      Onwards and upwards.