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  • longtimespur longtimespur Dec 2, 2009 19:16 Flag

    Sfer how you doing?

    OK buddy, hope all goes well next week. Not sure I'm keen on your hospital though. Seems a long way off to me!! To see what's wrong with your brain by looking in your spine, He He!!
    I have an oncology appointment on Thursday to check on my MRI from last month, so we both have fun and games to come. Ups and downs, but just keep going and hope for the best, so similar to watching the Spurs eh!
    Supposed to have my knee replaced sometime. The hospital want to give me a lumbar injection instead of knocking me out completely. Not sure I was overly keen on the idea before you said about your problems, even less so now. I'll just keep taking the painkillers and limp a bit.
    Footballs a great game when your young but boy do you pay for it when you get older!!!
    Take care and all the best

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    • Hey LTS it seems we have even more in common. I had an MRI on my left knee about a month ago (block booking discount!) and although they have not said it needs replacing yet it is giving me jip. I put it down to a few cortisone injections I had when I was playing footie and they just wanted players on the park at any cost.

      As for the Lumbar Puncture - if it was me I would avoid it and go for the full knock out every time. Not only does it hurt like Hell whilst they are doing it they cannot give any reasonable guarantees that it will not leave you with the problem I had ie a hole in the Epidural Sack and if that happens you have to go through the process again so they can try and block it.

      All the best mate.

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      • Hi sfer, how did the scan go?
        Good news I hope!
        Are you still getting the problems?
        My scan results and blood test were both good. Doc nearly signed me off until the nurse reminded him it's only 3 years since the operation. They normally keep a check for 5 and if your still OK, with no recurrence, they give you the all clear.
        Another 2 years and I'll be a pensioner!!!!!!
        I see John Hartson has to have more operations, I wish him well. He looked so healthy on Sky the other morning. Just goes to show how your body can cope with things when you have a positive outlook.
        Take care mate.