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  • KURT KURT Apr 27, 2010 08:11 Flag

    Modric - left or centre?

    So, as the subject says really, is Modric better on the left or through the centre of the park?

    On Sky they are always mentioning how 'Arry has got the best out of Modric by playing him on the left. Not sure if they are watching the same games as me but I totally disagree. I believe that he's better (especially with our current squad) playing in the centre of midfield.

    As the team are currently I feel that Bale offers more as a left midfielder than Modric does. His pace and ability to beat players down the flank is far more effective than when Modric cuts inside as he usually does. I also believe the centre of midfield shows a better balance with either Hudds or Wilson alongside Modric in the centre of the park. In fact I think Hudds also becomes a better player when he can sit back giving him the time to pick his passes whilst Modric pushes forward in support of the attack. When Palacios sits back and Hudds gets pushed on a bit he lacks the time to find those killer balls.

    Be interested to know what everyone else thinks.

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    • Spot on Kurt,

      Modric and Hudd proved that the CM positions are their best positions for the club, the proof in the pudding are the recent wins against the Gooners & the Chavs.

      I'm not certain what position Modric plays when he pulls on the Croatia shirt but I'm sure it isn't on the left.

      Hudd's range of passing always seems to be more effective & accurate when he is in the centre of the park partnering Modric, whereupon WP doesn't have the confidence to attempt anything quite so venturous, he often mis-places simple passes putting the team under pressure ( a-la Manure game as an example ).

      But on the plus side WP does add a lot of steel to the side, showing heart & commitment when he does decide to play well..