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  • John John May 10, 2010 06:48 Flag

    Top Class Signings

    Darren Bent - 37 Games - 24 Goals (Sold)

    Peter Crouch - 37 Games - 7 Goals (Bought)

    Pavy - 17 Games - 5 Goals (Bought)

    Keane - 16 Games - 12 Goals (Loaned out)

    Gudjohnsen - 10 Games - 1 Goal (Loaned in)

    Harry is a peach! LOL

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    • I doubt you have ever read any Oscar Wilde.

    • Pfffffffttt....fantastic comeback flab!!....your'e like a sh*t Oscar Wilde...

    • Oh dear oh dear you do take things far too literally Essex and you really are a sensitive soul.

      I shall leave you to skip off into your little fantasy world of wild imagination. I suggest you contemplate your journey home from work to......cough.....cough........Essex. The pinnacle of the English countryside.

      Mind them white stilettoes now.

    • Of course flab, you werent worried at all.........

      ''Saint Totteringhams obviously is going down to the wire (Gulp) heaven forbid it may not even happen this year!!!''

      ...I guess that ol sphincter of yours is well relaxed now though eh? Panic over.

      C@cking yourself...... you know flabby..that feeling you get evrytime you have to log off here and face the reality of your life.

    • the only mistake harry made in the ones mentioned by you is gudjonsen, it could be other striker on his place (one better than him)

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      • ignore john, hes still reeling from our early season debate on whos better lennon or walcott. he still trying to convince himself theo is better despite lennons amazing displays compared to theo who does a flash of something good now & then, but more often then not hits the ball a mile wide.

        everytime i watch MOTD , theres always at least 1 clip of theo missing a sitter. & i dont mean missing by a few yards!

      • Bloody Hell, A decent answer!

        TBH my original post was just a small wind-up, as I feel that Bent will not repeat the success he had this year ever again. That said, Paly is just as awful and didn't get the luck this year.

        Crouch is a decent player, whos main role I see isn't scoring, but providing and holding (unless of course you're talking set pieces).

        Gudjohnsen is a decent cover player, and Keane wouldn't play that role after his earlier influences at the club. So you can see the reasons behind that loan swap.

        If Harry can add to Defeo this summer, you could well consolidate your position in the top four, and help to keep the new money at City away.

        Either way, this year has been too long in the coming in terms of results for your lot. Good to see an alternate to the Lucky Dippers in the CL next year.

    • The fact that you post something like this without reference to who Bent is playing for (and who else scores on that team) or the fact that Keane is playing in the SPL (i.e. equivalent to the championship), or consider that we have goals coming from 18 different players, or that we came very close to taking 3rd away from you (as good as you guys always like to tell everyone you are), is a clear illustration that you are like so many gooners - dumb as a bucket of rocks with little real understanding of the game - what a plank!

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      • "The fact that you post something like this without reference to who Bent is playing for "

        Who he plays for is irrelevent. The fact is, he plays against all the same league teams as Spurs and has scored more goals.

        "or that we came very close to taking 3rd away from you"

        Losing 4 - 2 against Burnley, after going 2 - 0 up and needing to win isn't close. Close doesn't cut it.

        The simple fact is (and you should get simple, being a Spurs fan) that Harry made a couple of bad choices (notwithstanding those with HMRC), which could have been the difference between Third and Fourth.

      • in addition to what old fan said;
        harry didn't buy pav
        work out the goals per minute ratio and thatll look tottaly deifferent
        AND FINALLY being an arsenal supporter, im geussing your a fcking flash moron, who doesnt have a long history of supporting the club, who couldnt name any other player than the starting 11 and also someone who will support the next team who passes the ball around the field with great skill (Tottenham could beat you at that, wouldnt that prove your fickelness to football) ........ DICK