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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Oct 18, 2010 07:55 Flag

    please sort this out once and for all.

    ok its something that weve all talked about for a longtime and i know arry wants us to become a world class team but in order to do that we need to buy a top quality CB,.
    i love ledders and met him in spain , he was a great guy and it was amazing to met a hero of mine but i think he isnt gonna be a regular player ever again. and with woody crooked for what seems like a lifetime now we need quality to come in. willy gallas isnt a guy i like , i hated him at arse especially when he stormed off at everton and disrespected the crowd etc. so i think we need a big name to partner daws when he comes back , bassong is good but not world class.

    i really feel we cant go on hoping ledders or woody will get fit. and gallas whether or not i like him hes nearly 50 or something so wontbe a guy to rely on. ive mentioned mersersaker before as a big CB that has world class potential. but whoever comes in i needs to be quick and classy or we will be lacking stregnth soon.

    sorry rant over its just a aw news of ledders crooked again and want us to keep this momentum going and show them gooners whos boss once and for all.

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    • reckon no reason we can't fill two of those needs in January - Rooney? tongue in cheek I know - maybe he fancies a challenge LOL
      still wonder about BAE, bags of skill, if he could just get his attitude right, could be a great player...
      what's your take on RB then OF? are you in the camp that would like to flip-flop Hutton's attacking & Corluka's defensive qualities, depending on the game, or should we just look elsewhere for the complete player? personally, of the two we presently have on our books I'd play Corluka, we have enough creative quality, it's defence we need to tighten up on IMO, though I'm aware that Hutton has his fans too...if he could just improve his positioning, not be quite so gung ho...but it's great when he works!

    • Rooney, a top quality CB, and ditto at LB and we would be downright scary! - to any team on the planet. We would have so many different options and shapes!

    • seems we r all agreed that a cb is vital to us, hangeland of fulham would be great for sure, but it seems arry is worried about his attacking options still , now he wants rooney.

      go on levy lets have rooney upfront and go back to the ossie days of 6 upfront and fuck all at the back lol,

    • Excuse the cut and past guys - here's a little info on "Khu" - big lad, and apparently is currently training with the club - due to become a team member in the January window. Don;t know what he's like- tho he did play in all of the games in the world cup and scored against France.

      "South African centre-back Bongani Khumalo. The 23-year-old Khumalo trialled with Spurs last month and did enough to convince boss Harry Redknapp that he has a future at White Hart Lane. He returned to London this week to agree personal terms and sign the contract that will make him a Spurs player in January in a deal worth £1.5m. The Mirror says that the 6ft 2in Khumalo, currently captain of SuperSport United, will train with Tottenham in the autumn so he can hit the ground running in the New Year."
      Or here's a little more

    • I dont remember this SA at all....is he any good?
      I'd rather we went for someone established with Euro experience, even if we have to spend a few quid - someone who's not a gamble, someone who can walk straight into the team now, let Kaboul develop...
      there was talk at the w/e of Cahill and Jones but not sure they're any better than who we've already got...and if Cahill really will cost £15mill, lets get someone in from abroad with greater experience (tho not as experienced as when we got Naybet!)

    • aimed at that resentful twat....not you Fab..

    • Seriously now....even if you Yidsters managed to finish above the MIGHTY Arsenal this season, i am afraid it will take a whole lot more than that to 'show them Gooners whose boss once and for all'.

    • Agreed, I think we need to try and get another top class defender to partner Daws - and Ledders, Gallas and Bassong should be used as reserves or to give other players a rest.

      Wonder if Kaboul has the potential?