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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Jan 10, 2012 21:14 Flag

    My January Shopping List

    Rickie Lambert anyone? I thought he was significantly younger than he is (nearly 30), but my ex-boss is a saint so I like stealing their stars ;)

    Let's bear in mind when making these lists that it's January, a traditionally difficult shopping period, and that 'Arry and Levy are the experts, they'll know what we need but they'll not be rushed into purchases that aren't right. I certainly hope we get one or two in, but practically I don't expect it to be more than that.

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    • with ledders and gallas and daws only just back i think samba is a must buy. we need a top cover for the centre backs. ok kaboul is doing brilliant and we do have bass ans daws but anymore knocks and weve had it. so i feel arry would be throwing away our title chance if he doesnt stregnthen the defense.

      sambas prem experience will be vital as well as sandro and parkerboth have inujuries. and we will have to play less defensive midfielders.

      others that would improve us imho are - podolski,kaka,krul,the johnsons from city,hangaland,sneijder,benzema,higuain and ozil. ok i know a lot of these are not to realistic but it would be nice.