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  • longtimespur longtimespur Feb 19, 2012 20:52 Flag

    Todays game.....???

    I watched the game on the box today and IMHO the players just couldn't cope with the opposition, the pitch (although people say it's the same for both teams, it definitely isn't if players are used to the PL pitches week in week out), and struggled with the up and under, physical game that Stevenage play (very well I might add). Whether they can do as well at the Lane is something for the future. If Scotty hadn't gotten himself the farthest forward this post would be much different.
    Anyway hopeful we can overcome them at WHL and look forward to Bolton in the quarters. Fingers crossed that we can. COYS we could still manage to get to the final.

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    • Agreed agreed and agreed. Was wondering when someone would mention that we missed Modders (I don't think we missed VDV as much...he would have just got in the way...on the other hand one instance of the spectacular, his M.O. and we'd be looking forward to hosting Bolton in the next round).

      I read the match report before I saw the match (being in las Vegas does that to a person). And as such was expecting to see our boy LB apparent Rose do his thing (the author of the piece was certainly blowing smoke up his arse)...and as it went, the lad did well, but not well enough to win the plaudits that he was being showered with.

      Nope, plain and simple, we missed our midfield dynamo...Bale was alright in the playmaker role, but he's not of the same class in that part of the pitch as Modric (just as Modric can' touch Bale on the wing). Bale did show some flashes of Gunther Netzer type barnstorming through the middle, but like most of our players, we kept getting tackled by the pitch (Stevanage's groundsmen knew exactly what they were doing!).

      All in all, disinterested about sums it up, after whipping an up and coming Toon the week before, getting motivated for this match must've been tough...but...they are professionals and there was a job there to be done, and we didn't get it done...just stretched it out

    • I just thought our multi-million pound players couldn't handle the pitch and the breeze - al though neither of those could be given as the reason why our players seemed unwilling to move. I lost count (and I like Daws a lot) of the number of wasted long balls out of the back. But in general, we seemed to have lost the ability to play a 5yd pass and to get into position to receive the simple ball.

      But we're still in the draw and Bolton was probably one of the softest draws for the next round.

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      • I agree with you John. Can't remember so many poor first touches either, the number of times the ball bounced away from Livermore and Defoe in particular was amazing. Yes I know the pitch was making the ball bobble but even so! Not only Dawson but Kaboul as well with the long ball out of defence. Thought Nelsen had a good debut at the back though. Couple of timely interceptions.
        There wasn't any player eager to run into space to create room for a pass a lot of the game either. I think they were really off yesterday, didn't appear to want to work at their normal game of pass and move. Very similar to Watford in the last round!
        OK Harry was blaming the the pitch but what was he on about with the wind? If the ball's on the floor the wind has little effect!!