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  • Sfer Sfer Jul 6, 2012 09:55 Flag

    RIP RVP - you deserve better

    OOooooooooohhhhhh! hit a nerve eh. Reading about all the trouble at the Board and getting worried eh JeeRoo?

    So you found 2 examples. It wouldn't take much to find plenty of examples that prove exactly the opposite - moron. And by the way, you didn't argue that RVP did not make an instant success (you just struggled with the other 2) so once again that proves my point.

    Fab - you are sounding desperate mate and you are becoming a minority in your misjudged loyalty to Whinger. The Ar$e fans I know either want him out or at the very least now do not have the confidence in him they did once.

    As I said, I am not saying Spurs will definitely win anything next year, that depends on so many other things such as how well AVB does, who he buys, how much money he has to spend etc BUT I really do not know where your spectacular confidence comes from.

    Everybody knows Ar$e only got where they did because of one man - RVP - and without him you would have been mid table. Now he is going and open warfare has broken out at Ar$e. I see now the second largest share holders have come out and said so as well. Surely you have to agree that these men know much better than you what is going on at the club. They attend shareholders meetings don't they FFS.

    C'mon Fab. Your loyalty is touching it really is but you are setting yourself up for an almighty fall. The odds against Ar$e doing anything great next year (like actually winning anything) is getting more and more remote as the days go by.

    Whinger built a great team a few years ago and they played some great football - I have admitted that many times - but NO ONE could say this current squad is great especially not now with RVP going. The problem is two fold. Whinger still beleives he can build a great team without spending any money and his self belief in his own talents is staggeringly arrogant which means he thinks he can do no wrong.

    Oh and Arteta or Parker???? Only one choice there mate and it would be the one that gets a game for his national side. And I didn't say Whinger "bought" Carlton Palmer. I was using him as an example of why, just because someone is an "international" that does not make them a great player like you are intimating with Giroud and Poldolski.

    Keep em coming Fab. The more you post in defence of Ar$e and Whinger the more desperate you sound.

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    • Sfer, my 'confidence' stems from one source, that being the fact that Wenger has produced year in year out.

      Parker and Arteta and international appearances?

      Cmon Sfer, that's almost as bad as your Palmer example.

      England are no Spain FFS!

      Only reason Arsenal got CL is Van Persie?

      Van Persie played a part. Where was he every other year Arsenal qualified for CL football?

      My 'misjudged loyalty to Wenger'?

      Even Usmanov went out of his way to praise Wenger in his statement yesterday. As has just about every player and person linked with the truly great man (including Van Persie in his statement BTW).

      Best to ignore that though eh.

      I'm certainly not 'desperate' in any way shape or form Sfer.

      Think what you will.

      I know some Spurs fans wish with every ounce of their being that Arsenal fail in all they do. It's natural. It certainly clouds their judgement though.

      Much love!

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      • A subtle toning down of the text Fab but I can see through that. You don't want to appear as desperate as you are but the truth shines through.

        "the fact that Wenger has produced year in year out" - well that is true is all you are after is a few extra games in the CL but that isn't really enough is it? No trophies is not "producing" in any ones books.

        Arteta was not on any of the top clubs list was he. No one wanted him and Ar$e only got him to shut th efans up that were on the verge of mutiny. On teh other hand, everybody has admitted that Parker has been outstanding which earnt him his England place. Would Arteta get into the England squad - emmmmm no.

        Before last year you just about had enough good players to get CL with or without RVP but lasy year.....oh yuk. And next year....

        People are praining Whinger because he has been at the same club for so long and kept them in the top half of the table - and quite rightly he is due some respect for that - but he is not the man he was. Loads of other Ar$e fans have seen it. You can outstay your welcome Fab and Whinger has done just that.

        I don't hate Ar$e Fab. I do want to see Spurs above them of course but your incessant bleating about how good they are even without RVP is just plain wrong mate. I think you know that really.

    • be fair fab, we were awful that game. carlton palmer could have scored a brace against us.

      no matter how examples u come u with fab, overall theo has been very inconsistant. he has by far more bad games than he has good. but if u want to keep deluding yourself then thats up to u!

    • "So you found 2 examples. "

      No, as I said early, there are plenty more examples out there if you bother to look but the ones I noted are recent signings. Here's another - Aguero.

      Signed by City and delivered the goods in his debut season.

      Btw, RVP was inexperienced and still young when Arsenal signed him, Poldoski and Giroud aren't. Both Poldoski and Giroud are at a stage in their careers where they are expected to need less acclimatisation time due to their age and experience. If you had argued that Joel Campbell would need more time when he arrives at Arsenal before hitting the ground running, that would have been a reasonable assertion to make and understandably.