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  • Phil Phil Nov 28, 2012 17:13 Flag

    Some Strips Do

    Defoe is getting what he wanted now, i.e. playing time, under AVB so why would he want to join Arry at a team that is very likely going to be in the Championship next year?

    Arry got rid of Bent once so he is probably not interested in trying to get a game at QPR.

    What I don't understand is how come QPR have got so many average players having spent so much money? Neilson at CB?? Mackie and Zamora as options up front?? Not exactly top class and there are several others like that so where did the money go? Sounds just like Arry's sort of club.....loads of money and not much in the way of watching where it goes....if you know what I mean wink wink!