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  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Apr 7, 2013 17:23 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    "You are poisonously negative SB! where would OUR (clearly not your) beloved club be if everyone adopted your approach? "

    That's a bit rich coming from you Joe.

    To jog your memory, you did support the over-the-top doom-mongering on the Arsenal board not so long ago despite the fact that we're competing against teams with 'vastly bigger budgets and more resource' and have managed to finish the season in top 4 position yearly.

    I'm surprised that you are now using limited resources as an excuse for failure whereas you were quick to deride the likes of Fabongrass who used the same argument to defend Wenger's achievement. Shouldn't you have used the same argument on the Arsenal board against the doom mongers, Joe?