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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 19, 2009 23:48 Flag

    Handball. Diving. Cheating.

    Because Steve, the govering bodies don't want to accept they are wrong....You, I , Andy, the others that actually GO to the games (not you Sheffield twat) expect to see a fairly played game, but there is too much money at stake, and a quick dive, or handball, and that can make the difference of £000's, so that to them makes it worth the risk..and whats the worst thing that can happen if they get caught ot...maybe sent off at worst...and still draw their over inflated wage.

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    • "Because Steve, the govering bodies don't want to accept they are wrong" and WE are always right of course aren't we, hahahaha aw diddums had a descision we didn't like then??? want the rules changing to suit now then do we? sob sob boot on the other foot now is it? welcome to reality island instead of fantasy island.

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      • After seeing that cheating Cnut Ngog rob us of victory, then seeing Ireland robbed by that Cnut Henry I am getting rather tired of Football.
        I went to 3 of Ireland's home games at Croke park (Bulgaria, Italy,France), I took my children, now they see that cheating is how you win & get on, what a disaster!

        I train underage Football, what am I supposed to say to young children?I am thinking of quitting, unless FIFA punishes cheats severly it will never change, it will continue to get worse!

        They dont even need to have playback, just let players know that they will get bans & their club will be deducted points & fined if they are found guilty after a match is reviewed, problem solved!

      • er.............howard, I don't give a fcuk what happens to Ireland..! Really...but when it comes to cheating...your keeper is always very high on the list ! Not that you would know,..... watching on TV.