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    OK Newcastle United Football Fans...Tell Me...

    Assuming NUFC was for sale late this year, realistically how much could buy it? If someone bought it outright what happens then? Exactly what do they own? St. James Park? the club? what else?
    So, someone who loves the club but has no experience in running a football club buys it and owns it. Bad for everyone? Maybe not.
    Who would they surround themselves with, re operation, assuming money is no problem just like at Chelsea?
    Where would the management staff come from?
    How much money is needed to buy other players realistically?
    Who would advise who to buy?
    How much money annually is needed for everyday operations including top management payments assuming the owner himself required no earnings from the club?
    What can the new management do to increase revenue?
    NUFC has huge fan support, is it silly for the new owner to make available to the fans a small percentage of ownership via shares to strengthen that support base? It is just a way to bond everyone together, owner, management, fans. Is this silly?
    What is the final dollar figure to make all this happen given, say, a 5 year scenario?
    Can a profit be made by the new owner if all this happens?
    Can all of the above be done starting from 2nd division?

    Have your say, please give your considered opinions.

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    • Thanks for that sadtoon. I understand what you are saying with respect to battening down the hatches for most businessmen during a recession however it is also a prime time for the more entrepreneurial to acquire and expand their business portfolios at the expense of those perhaps teetering on the edge. Sir Richard Branson just launched Virgin Australia in the face of hard times even though he also is cutting back on his more established assets. I think now or within the next 12 months is the perfect time to acquire NUFC at a bargain basement price for the right person given certain criteria come to pass i.e. hard times, a bleak future and a "cut your losses and run" attitude by present owners. Fresh ideas, almost unlimited funding (albeit on canny spending only and also along similar lines to what you have stated as a direct opposite to what's gone on at say Chelsea) and a love of the club for what it is and represents as a core value WILL overcome any obstacle irrespective. As far as experience goes, I fully subscribe to the philosophy that the most successful business persons in a multi faceted business such as a football club are those who have the ability to gather in associates who are far more adept in their field than that of themselves. I think ALL of the problems NUFC have at present essentially stem from an "I know best" attitude of current owners, when obviously they don't, combined with a "Who gives a stuff as long as it makes money" uncaring philosophy to most business decisions. There is a person out there who can make a difference to not only the club but by defacto, the whole region, believe me. Who knows sadtoon, maybe one day you might just get a surprise, me as well, hehehe. Cheers.

    • Well... no one has given me any words of encouragement and I probably cannot afford the club, hehe, so I await developments. Do you think the asking price would dramatically drop if the worst thing happened this season? I hear tell NUFC is not for sale now anyway. In any event it's about time a Geordie owned the club and I do qualify at least in that. Hadaway Ashington!

    • On Friday the Premier League giants, Chelsea, who have suffered managerial upheaval in the past two years, announced losses of 65.7 million pounds (95.7 million US) for the year to June 2008. The figure released Friday is lower than last year's figure of 74.8 million (108.9m US), which was in turn an improvement on the 80.2 million (116.8m US) loss announced the previous year. The club announced record losses of 140 million (204m US) in 2004/2005.

      The mind just boggles!