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  • Govinda Govinda Aug 10, 2006 03:01 Flag

    Wenger is getting on my nerves!

    I understnad your thinking, but I think we will qualify aigain for CL after this season by finishing top 4.

    But remember our priority is to win the EPL and the CL. Wenger does not share that goal with us. He does not care whether we finish 1st in the EPL or not. His economics degree tells him he makes more money year-over-year if he finishes in the top 3 in the EPL and makes it to the second stage of the CL.

    This way he saves the extra 25-50 mil needed to become a (maybe) EPL winner.

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    • Given his success - all but last in the top 2 in the EPL - I don't understand why we question the wisdom of AW. I would love to see a strong center half and another holding midfielder. We complain so much about the lack of activity but he has been more active during the Jan transfer window (don't forget Diaby, Adebeyour, Ebouye, etc) than most of his counterparts. I am nervous, too, but prepared to say "in the professor we trust."

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      • Ask yourself how many players Chelsea and Liverpool signed in January. Yet Wenger signed three. You can't just go and signed players for the sake of signing them because it is the transfer season. If he signs that way Arsenal will become like Chelsea where good players fail to get enough games.

        Another pint is, it took years for Wenger to develop Arsenal's style of play. If he were to make wholesale changes at a time, the culture would be lost with himhaving to teach it again. Instead he gets a few players in at a time and gently eases then in. That way they adjust to Arsenal style of play

        You can see he feels his team is settled and he gradually strenthens were necessary or where some vacates. Loaned out players coming back like signing new players. As is the same with injured guys.

        He himself said Arsenal are no prisoners to names. So he doesn't sign just because of the names. He looks for real talent that can fit ourstyleof play. So far, he has be successful